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SGA reaction for 4x01 and 4x02

New Stargate Atlantis thinklings.

4x01 Adrift

Well, it was okay. Kind of too much technobabble for me, felt like the characters got a bit lost in it but then maybe I've been spoiled by other shows. I suppose it might've been more the fact that it was one problem after another but by now we knoow they'll be fine so tension is lost - the focus was very much on the core of Shep, McKay and Weir and though Zelenka and Keller were about they were peripheral characters with basic lines, which made this episode rather unfulfilling. I still liked it, not bad or anything, just not all I'd been hoping for. End of season had high stakes and I was excited and then this dropped that so quickly. I was expecting Elizabeth to be at least briefly grateful of being alive, until she found out the cost but they skipped to her knowing about it by the time Rodney and Sheppard had come to visit. They actually did something interesting with her character but then half the interesting aspects are glossed over.

4x02 Lifeline

I much prefered this episode. Agaiin, I think they could've explored a little more about her changes but at least they did something with Elizabeth for once. Sad to see her sacrificed but as far as ways to write her into a recurring role, and the reasoning for her departure on show, I did feel it was fitting. Rodney made a possibly bad call in the previous episode, she survives only to be lost again but at least she is the cost for progress in the war against the Wraith, something worth it in her eyes I'd imagine. So yes, this episode left me feeling mostly satisfied. Plus, the new plotlines great - so much fic fodder. :D



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Oct. 6th, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
I liked Adrift although I agree that it was very much a plot rather than character episode. I thought having Sheppard and Zelenka working together was a nice touch and the two played off each other well. Sam felt very shoehorned in and she made me rather uncomfortable although it was a good touch to have Dr Lee accompany her.

Lifeline was a better balanced episode and I liked Sam better in this one - well liked her presence more. I don't know if it was because I'd gotten used to her or simply because she was better integrated. I'm definitely sad to see Elizabeth go - I think she has a better air of leadership about her than anyone else - but at least she went on an interesting plot. Her double cross was good. It was a pity that Teyla got the 'stay behind and look after the city' role. That seemed rather pointless to me since she didn't appear in any scenes back on Atlantis (I thought that perhaps she was being left there so that they had a main character to greet Sam, Ellis and the Apollo when it turned up, but no). Maybe it was because Rachel needed some time off for rl stuff but it felt more like a way of them saving themselves from having to think of something for Teyla to do.
Oct. 6th, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'd forgotten how much technobabble SGA had until I watched the premier, I was a bit taken aback and had to readjust my viewing habit. LOL! Made me realize how unique that show really is, I mean it has more technobabble than SG1 and the "Trek" series put together.

As of this post I haven't seen the second ep yet. I will agree that the first ep didn't have the pace I'd hoped for, but it was good with good character moments.
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