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Had a bit of a mini-friends cut. I mostly cut people who I've not talked to for ages or don't have anything in common with anymore. I hope no one takes it personally, I'm just downscaling a bit because I haven't as much time for online anymore.


bb_and_ww anti-valentines exchange

This is me, pimping out a new exchange going on at bb_and_ww because I know out of all of my flist there's a fair number who have preference for the ignored, disliked and misunderstood characters, not to mention aliens and other beings. Please pimp this out if you think anyone else you know would like it too.

Anti-Valentines Exchange 2009
Signups open until midnight GMT on 14th January


Meme : ten to comment

Snurched from rodlox

First ten to comment get a short fic of their choosing (as long as I know who the characters you want are and feel capable of writing them). In exchange, you have to post something similar (offering fics or sketches or what have you) in your journal.

It will probably be a small blurb of "comment-fic" as a reply...unless of course, I get carried away.

ps3 woe be gone...

That frakking annoying PS3 problem I had - solved! I could glomp the user of this post, I already sent them a very big thank you PM as this solution is nowhere to be found on the general internetz and the code 8001002A is not even on the Sony FAQs let alone the solution. Bad Sony but go Sony forum users, you can be so awesome!

SGA festive shippinesss pimp

For anyone still interested A) mckay and/or weir from SGA and B) in some festive fannish challenge I pimp this challenge out to you.
If anyone likes the idea of fic for the misguided, disliked, ambigious, evil and alien characters then you've got just about 5 days left to submit prompts. As many as you like, no obligation to write too. The submission ends when the 5th of August has ended everywhere in the world.

Come on over to bb_and_ww and give those characters some lovely prompts! :D

Please pimp this out if you know any one with any love of those kind of characters - it's multifandom after all and more prompts the merrier.


VID THE GRID:Primeval - Musical Styles

My table for vid_the_grid claim of Primeval. Music styles table.

Read more...Collapse )

that evil ficathon is a foot!

Bad Boys & Wicked Women Multifandom Ficathon

now taking prompts

(please oh please pimp it far and wide)


A bit of a friends cut

This was probably long overdue as I've never really done one, but now, there you go, it is done finally.

If you're cut, it wasn't personal, I'm just having a declutter; I mainly cut people for combinations of these reasons.
a) they fell off the face of lj/rarely update
b) we don't have anything in common anymore
c) we don't know each other well enough/don't talk anymore

If you think you got mistakenly cut - which isn't impossible if I managed to be oblivious to a username change - then please comment here.

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