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Earlier entries (2005) often link offsite to stories - catalogued up to end of February 2007 and need to source screencaps since old website died. More recent fics (and old fics gradually being) moved topurpleyindom (and backup the same on DreamWidth)

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Semi-friends notice

Just a notice to say my LJ is friends only, if you want to be added then comment here - however I tend to only friend people I at least know of or share some interests with, because if anyone is here for fandom stuffs those posts are all public anyway for general enjoyment by anyone who strays here... This is also so my friends list doesn't get absurdly big, so hopefully any lack of me friending people won't offend anyone. :)

Still if you want to be added, then do say something and I'm not adverse to others friending me if they like.

Festivids 2018 recs

Been meaning to do this post for about a month...oops. Anyhow, I really enjoyed taking part in Festivids this year - the collection for it is over here.

I made a Hackers (1995) vid "Dial Me Up" for bingeling - it's short but snappy 1.30 mins since it's for one of the less featured characters in the film, Ramon "Phantom Phreak" Sanchez. He's not in the final third of the film sadly but he gets some great lines and is a very stylish individual too.

I also had the gift of a Legion (TV) vid "No Maker Made Me" made for me by caramarie, which is a very creepy vid, exactly fitting for the mindfuck that is Legion and the direction S2 went in. Warning for big end of S2 spoilers in it and probably won't make any sense if you've not seen the show.

Onto more recs.
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RKb&w, RK

Fic Writer’s Year In Review

Okay, saw the this done by a few people I know and thought yeah I want to do that... and then failed at doing it for most of two months but hey-ho, here it is. I saw a few different versions of this and have smushed them together into one.

General fic stats for 2018

This was harder than it should be to do because I reposted a load of fics on Ao3 last year and so had to compile this manually to not include those. Still got more to shift over from too at some point.

Word count on AO3: 107,474 words
Average Words Per Story: 3256
Number of fics on AO3: 33 (also 8 fanmixes and 2 moodboards)
Fandoms written for: The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Fringe, BBC Sherlock, Altered Carbon, Primeval, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Dirty Sexy Money – also Arrow for a fanmix.
Total Words Written: actually more than what's posted, I think twice that. I'm gonna try to keep track of both in 2019.

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Female gaming tshirts (uk post)

Earlier in the week I got a bit incensed at a Tesco Clothing newsletter. Why? Because they had gaming tshirts advertised with the slogan "Boys to men...The whole family will love these" which I felt was rather thoughtless because the whole family can't enjoy considering they only stock boys/mens tshirts. Now I'm all for ignoring categories of clothing, but wearing men's tshirts can be tricky if they're tightfit and you have an ample busom so just buying the mens ones isn't exactly a great solution in all cases. More to the point I generally felt alienated by that slogan too, so I wrote to Tesco to complain that I felt it was excluding female gamers with that style of slogan when it could just as well have had a unisex and unoffensive slogan.

I actually got a fairly decent and quick reply, though the gist of which was that the slogn was because it was only men/boys tshirts and the lack fo female game tshirts was probably one of two things.

1) they didn't think they'd sell
2) the stockists don't make them

Regardless of which is the case I got told that they'd pass on my request to the buying team and that any other female gamers who wanted there to be more gaming tshirts could similarly contact Tesco's to say they would like to see them, as if there was enough demand proven then they might starting looking to stock them.

So if you're a female gamer in the UK, or know of one who might be interested in this, and you want more gaming tshirts at Tescos the email to politely poke them about this matter is: customer.service AT

Trollbridge pledge

Help fund a new Terry Pratchett-based film, Trollbridge. Currently the Australian (whoo!) production company is taking pledges to see if they can raise enough to make it a reality after 8 years trying.

Currently they're at $34,691 pledged of $45,000 goal, with 61 days to go. So it's looking good but don't let that stop you and if you can't help fund directly you can still help greatly by spreading the word.