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Merry Christmas!

Okay, in the spirit of the holidays I'm offering everyone a fandom/virtaul Christmas/Yule/Hanukah/etc gift. This is open to anyone who I know online, and because of festive cheer anyone else who likes the same kind of stuff I do, but you must reply no later than the 25th, because anyone replying after who is not someone I know well will not be sure to get anything.

Things you can choose from, but only choose one, are:

Icons - give me a show, and also a focus of some sort if you like, e.g. character, pairing, theme. I'll do almost anything as long as there is access to caps. You may get anywhere from 3 to 10, or more if I am inspired. But 3 at least I promise.

Wallpapers - just one, but it can be for anything you like practically, as long as pictures are available. Also please say what size you need it.

Vid - I'd prefer if you ask for a specific song matched up to a fandom or character or pairing. Obviously I may not have the song, but I might be able to get it if you ask. I just don't want anything too vague, but you can ask for a vid for a pairing or a theme or character, having a song or list of several would be better but I can probably work around.

Fanfic - I'll do several drabbles, or one small piece (guarantte of about 1000 words), or alternatively I'll do fanfic poetry if you like. Can't do songs though... except maybe attempting filks.

Original fiction - story or poem, just give me a theme or setting and I shall try.

I cannot promise any of these before Christmas sadly, but if you ask you shall receive, just a bit later than actual Christmas as I will be worknig my way through them in New Years. Vids in particular may take along while due to the nature and time taken for vidding, but I will get round to them, promise, at the very least before enxt Christmas. :D

Have fun everyone. :)


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Jan. 13th, 2006 08:57 am (UTC)
What I appear to need upon inspection is the song... I only have Mr. Brightside by them.
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