Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA Fic: The Conclusion (Teen) 1/1

Title: The Conclusion
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: Teen

Spoilers: None
Summary: I wrote it for my OTP but it works as a short for Bring Your Own Ship too, for whatever pairing you can imagine. Happy Holidays, hope you enjoy. :)

Betaread by Fanwoman

The Conclusion

I know.

Know that it's love held in those eyes that cautiously study me. Even though the gaze is casual, it can't hide what he wants: me. Selfishly I keep this knowledge to myself, letting the denial sink in thoroughly, but someday my watcher will wake up to it, wake up to himself. I like to think it might be sudden and shocking, a middle of the night realisation, or perhaps one day over lunch, opposite me so I can see the widening of those eyes as he truly thinks over just why he does everything he does – the sum of everything adding up to the truth.

I want him to wake up to me, to not turn away when I notice his stare, to be able to carry on. I want to hear words that mean something. I don't want briefings and reports anymore. Perhaps I don't even want words, just sounds, anything to convince me this is real and happening, just as I want it to be, because right now, it's not going anywhere. I just sit and stare back, long after his gaze leaves me.

So the awakening is rude, prompted by my hands forcing his clueless face to mine, a few stuttered phrases of exclamation that I silence with my mouth on his. All this time, we've been watching each other, lasting looks lacking outright longing, but gazes held fast now. My eyes reflected back at me in his.

I don't cease my attack on the senses, and he doesn't stop me either. I kiss like my life depends on it, emotions raw now I've let loose. This is what I've waited for. Figures he couldn't work it out himself and that only now, with my body against his and our lips locked, will he actually start to consider I might like him. His eyes still show an expression that means he's wondering, pondering all the possibilites. And I kiss him harder, as non-verbal proof of it. He doesn't need to ask; I shall show him.

Tags: my sga fic, sga, sga:byos

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