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My fannish review of 2005 - Part 1 of 3

By tomorow I'll have had my journal a year. I'm pretty pleased with that, as my very first post points out it was a resolution I kept - I wanted to have a website (oh look I do now, though not so flash as I'd wanted) but enver got to learning php (somethings don't change, do they?). Hence my blog was born. It's probably no more interesting than when it started, mostly full of fandom stuff so I'm presuming that's the thing that keeps it going. I know many people have separate blogs for fic etc but I can't be bothered and besides which purpleyin is already taken.

My fandom review month by month - to be done in 3 parts, if anyone is interested at all that is. Four months sorting through at once is enough for today anyway.

Going over entries reminded how stressful the house deciding thing was and that big room was henry and mine sone condition whilst other housemates were fairly picky. looking back I can see they got pretty much everything they wanted and we didn't get that one condition. Henry didn't even want to move! And my only other concern was doorbell and locks on doors, neither of which were present. We REALLY got the raw deal. X(

Also hadn't had my hair cut since March, until last week. But I did get the blue hair I talked about so frequently. :D

January: about 16,000 words of fic depending on how many updates of Lilith there were, plus my first vid

- I had some intention to finish Lilith but that didn't happen all year and my first fic of 2005 was New Years Eve M/W one Whispers
-Then there was More Than,Two more fics + shippy review, When no words are said + upload of Too Many scientists and review for Hide & Seek, all M/W
-my first two icons so awful, probably made in paint *cringes*
- Noted I never finished my 'Haunted' M/W fic, it was an alien influence fic I've had the bunny for since 2004 sometime it appears but I did finish On Show the UST M/W, with UR for Grodin/Weir and McKay/Heightmeyer, at least
- A Mutual Feeling angsty future fic for M/W
- I helped set up this sga forum which seems to have died now...
- My first attempts at icons using GIMP, it's the perfect example for why you shouldn't be intimidated by programs, anyone who can make half decent icons etc now also probably made crap ones. I made the mistake of posting mine, but meh like I care as much to take them down.
- Yet another shippy review of 38 minutes this time and two lots of screencaps for sga, 38 minutes and Hide & Seek.
-The Watcher Storm missing scene
- My first ever vid, Calm before the storm, in retrospect having too many special effects but that's what happens when you're a shiny new vidder...
- My thoughts, and plans, upon Siege Part 1 and Grodin
- The Eye shippy review and Protect Me from What I want, angsty The Eye tag, as unfinished since I wanted a Rodney pov too
- I had serious doubts about my writing, wherther fic was worthwhile and if mine was bad or not, I think I tried to stop writing at one point but couldn't...

February: 30,800 words of fic, plus my second vid

-Pretty much gen Siege tag Duty,Just not there UR M/W drabble and I updated Too Many scientists to chapter 5... and then 6 where it's been stuck all year
- Random original poetry of mine here
- I got made a moderator on WeirMckayShip!
- Six M/W drabble/fics + Sanctuary screencaps
- First two chapter of the M/W BIS tags series Dying Thoughts, then the third?
-Elizabeth/BYOS The storm poem & Rodney/BYOS fic Integer
-Two more adult rated M/W fics and much more fic planning + link to M/W poems
-Simplicity, a M/W deathfic
- M/W graphics, wallpaper and more graphics + start of Rising M/W sceencaps
-I watched Cypher and capped it too
-My second vid, BIS Weir with some M/W, "A Matter of Time"
-More fic planning, most of which still is not done...
-I started planning the mcweir.com site (There are so many posts about it I'm skipping them, they're tagged mcweir.com if anyone is interested); I really did give it alot of thought, it was hard given so little feedback aobut what was wanted apart from complaints or irks.
-Another deathfic, Saving Graces
-Questions I submitted for a David Hewlett interview (was on Gw but since removed, this is only place can be found so far)
-The why of/for writing fanfic, which includes some helpful links.
-One fic that missed LJ, Mirage, a Ford drabble

March 6,500 words of fic

- Where the heart is caps, though they need sorting out ratio wise...
- More website planning, until we have caption contest bit.
- Peace, a ficathon entry that's S/W, mainly friendship.
- REAL original fiction of mine, Untold
-Fetish, a very silly smutty Ba'al/Sam ficlet, plus Undeniable which are sillier Ba'al humour ship ficlets.
-Sam/Fifth angst, Safety, Meaning a Storm ficlet, Refuge a siege part 2 gen drabble and Besiegeda Siege part 2 tag
-With South Park character generator and some help from GIMP I made Ba'al and Fifth
-Also started sg_lonelyship which never really quite took off like intended.

April 10,800 words of fic + 5 vids and tons of memes

-I made my award winning vids Lost M/W, My World Ford, and the nominated vids The Score Bates and Beyond Weir
-Plus Judgement the very harsh McKay vs. Chaya vid. I feel guilty about that, because I don't actually hate her myself, just dislike what writers used her for.
-I wrote more original fiction, froma challenge dmd123 gave me: Survival Part 1 and Part 2
-I discovered people I know in real life had read my fic, which probably happens fair amount nowadays but was odd back then, especially how he took my Sam/Baal fic as bondage :S
-The Price a Grodin/Weir poem I got round too, and From the shadows another odd pairing of Teyla/Bates friendship, as well as my attempt at femmeslash sort of, with If Only
-More fic with Break me gently (poor Elizabeth!), a drabble in Need and Fine and the harsh Misjudgement with UST/UR M/W and URMcKay/Carter
-Perhaps improving with my next batch of SGA icons, more icons, graphics and even a tutotial
- Even more fic with the BYOS poem Tell Me Lies, angsty UR M/W Moonshine and the missing from LJ grodin fic The Unexpected
-Last few things, reminder of an enterprise vid I must make, the caption series I wanted in comicified tshirt form for a con and discussion of fanfic.
Tags: awards, films, my fanfic, my graphics, my vids, review, sg1, sga, star trek

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