Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

My fannish review of 2005 - Part 2 of 3

Onto the next 4 months of my fannish 2005 review.

May: not alot of fic but 2 vids and some graphics

-My Carson (PtW + Carson/Perna) vid and also a Childhood's End vid + my award winning Teyla vid.
-SG lonelyship graphics, plus a M/W wallpaper.
-Our Time BYOS drabble (designed for M/W but works for any pairing really)

June: roughly 7000 words of fic

-Deadline 38 minutes AU.
-Joined new science fiction forums Scifi Straight Dope, which I'm a moderator for SGA now.
-Side by Side; my first OT3 fic, written for the OT3 ficathon (McKay/Weir/Carter) + two short fics
- M/W sig + Before the storm M/W short.
-McKay fic This is not happening + dark songfic All mine with twisted Kolya/Weir and implied Weir/?
-Ficlet challenge I posted (still open to stuff) with only one reply, (sorry Pete I'm not too likely to read LotR very soon)

July: roughly 6000 words of fic

-Some more original fiction "Playing At It"
-Gen fic Harmless Fun and gen/BYOS fic (Weir character/backstory) Fiveways
-Also UST M/W fic with sort of McKay/Carter and Weir/Beckett, Lone Sheep and M/W UST Call My Bluff

August: Twas a fic explosion in this month... 15,500 words roughly.

-Directions, Moebius AU M/W fic.
-Two Sora fics, one shot Sticks & Stones, and multichaptered WIP A Long Journey (part 2 here)
-My farscaped icon attempt
-Time series, starts off with prerising Weir interview McKay. Also Post Brotherhood friendship fic, Beaten. Angsty s2 M/W fic Answers, an odd pov M/W fic Reunions and finally dark song M/W fic Elysium
Tags: ficathon, my fanfic, my graphics, my vids, sg1, sga

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