Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

My fannish review of 2005 - Part 3 of 3

The final part of my fannish lookback at my 2005, rather late but I still wanted to do it. Here be Part 1 and Part 2.

September: about 4,500 words roughly

-Few SGA icons, mix of BSG + HP icons, more mixed icons, many M/W icons (+ sig) and a big bulk SGA icons/avatars post and also some SGA pairings sigs
-At Odds Weir gen fic for SGAHC challenge and also another SGAHC one but more humourous, Wishful Thinking; plus my own challenge, Reverse Drabble challenge
-A Long Journey Sora fic Part 3/6, M/W drabble Epiphany and Rodney/BYOS Possibly
-I also attempted writing a newbies guide to GateWorld

October: just over 15,000 words this month and 2 vids

- Tried my hand at subtle Ronon/Teyla with my short Evolution of Terms .
-Rodney McKay's Sunscreen vid, better received than any of my other vids have been, as well as the M/W vid The Journey which was liked fair enough by those who'd be prone to like it anyway.
-Beyond Limits was my first Zelenka/Heightmeyer fic, very angsty, plus my first real Heightmeyer character piece The Road To.
-Also made my foray into Vala character and the Daniel/Vala pairing with Everything Burns, and met a challenge of an Athosian halloween fic Practical Magic.
- Science team angst by McKay in Fallen, which was along time coming for a fic of mine and lots of Elizabeth pieces. Whump and M/W friendship in Atlantean Blue, angst over Lost Boys in Achilles Heel, backstory angst in Caught Short and more so in One Step Forward.
-Wrote the quite bizarre The Long & Short of It for the M/W ficathon, and got a number of vids nominated in the SG Video awards and probably crazily started stargatereverse LJ comm, which is yet to go anywhere. Now where did my Eliya Weir plot bunny hop off to?
-Equally crazy was me starting challenges on fanfic100 for SGA of both Simpson and Kavanagh but I'm not doing too badly on them, slow progress better than none and I have many ideas.
-Other pov on McKay/Sheppard in Above All written for kip cathey. Another odd pov, this time for Weir/?, from unrequited Kav in Inside Out. Plus another Kav fic in the SGAHC challenge response of Stereotypical.

November: Filled mainly by my reccing on stargateficrec and actually little fandom stuff at all. Very odd for me.

December: nearly 9,000 words here

-Started Tainted, my CM character tag series, with a Carson POV, though it was meant to be a oneshot back then. Also ventured back into Heightmeyer character pieces with Soldier Through This, Kavanagh in Alienation and even did Teyla Athosian angst with Severance.
-Liberty sees my second Vala piece and a sort of matching Daniel view in Misplaced Faith.
-For Christmas I wrote a BYOS The Conclusion and technically the slight HP crossover with SGA, Secreted too, as it was for sga_santa and only posted up publically later on.

Overall yearly word total is more or less - 121,500!
Tags: awards, bsg, ficathon, gateworld, harry potter, my fanfic, my graphics, my vids, sg1, sga, xmas

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