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Thoughs upon my bizarre ship of the moment

Lately I'm been really wanting to see more fic for the ship of, Kavanagh/Simpson.

It's one of the fairly oddball ships, don't worry, I know I'm crazy... Kavanagh being a wellhated character and usually the jerk for a story, so ship or slash isn't too common either (though it grows over kavtolanon, where Kav likers/tolerators can hang out). Simpson, being a once off character is an odd choice for a ship. Though arguably Sumner was is only one (or two technically) episode, and has been shipped with Kav, Simpson doesn't have the notoriety as a character - people say 'who?' mostly when I talk about her. If you're thinking that too then here's the reminder, she was the redheaded scientist in 38 minutes who spoke up against Kavanagh and whom Weir supported rather than him.

Reasons for liking this ship is I don't think she'd take Kavanagh's BS, I think from the little on show she'd be a fairly strong female scientist. More likely to take risks than he is, and able to stand up to him or others (probably to Mckay too) when it's necessary. Obviously so little is known about her that writing fic could be difficult, but for some reason that's what intrigues me most. Keeping with the idea she won't put up with anything of his and that she probably works with him and may see the other side of him too, makes the ship potential for me. She can probably more easily see where he's coming from with his not wanting to take risks but she doesn't necessarily agree with him, or with the way he expresses himself - but unlike Weir et al she has the chance quite possibly working with him to see the times when he isn't only being a jerk about issues.

I can't really think of much else to about the ship, but I'm interested about people's thought on this ship, and if anyone actually sees or likes the potential I'm talking of. So far I know a couple of people who seem to live it, and can think of a few fics for it too, but it's a very much unusual pairing really.

Also, links to the two other fics I know of it. One is adult, or going there eventually, also with McKay/Weir and Heightmeyer/Zelenka - Pleasures of Alien Abduction by murdocsangel - and another generally character piece with some ship Markham's Journal by Fanwoman. The first is fun, chapter 1 is the main Kav/Simpson bit and only really M/R rated - the second fic is wonderful! I betaed it and adore the story. It's an AU where Markham, Simpson, Kavanagh and 2 other characters survive the BIS other timeline.

I also have one story with it Ever After, one with possible friendship/preship, Stereotypical, and one sort of UST/pre-relationship one I'm planning on posting up later today...

Thinking upon it more I think one reason I like this pairing is the possible redemption of Kavanagh with the development of Simpson too - that and the banter/quiping/sniping, it'd be snarky love, or uber angry UST. *evil grin*


Jan. 15th, 2006 11:57 am (UTC)
I'm with "quasi" here, both. :D Kavanaugh is soo prisssy and self important, and just has no redeeming features. Poor wee Simpson!
Jan. 15th, 2006 01:11 pm (UTC)
It probably only makes sense for anyone who actually likes and wants to redeem his character.

I know every time he appears on the show he's a jerk, but I just can't believe a person character wise could only ever be exactly like that 100% of the time - I see him as like that a fair amount of the time but the rest, either annoying or just nothing much. For me his character is a bit like McKay in SG1 and considering where McKay is now I don't have a hard time thinking better of Kavanagh in fandom. I know it's a bizarre choice but I like recurring characters and feel he has so much potential not to be one dimensional. Of course I don't think they'll ever do anything like that with him on show...
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 15th, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)
Qasi in that's it's not my fault you have a difficult to remember LJ name.. :-P

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