Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Just some stuff...

Just a notice to say yay, Isis awards voting is open!

Plus sharing stuff, I made some Dark Angel screencaps for three guest stars from Stargate. Fiona Hogan who plays Dr. Simpson, Ben Cotton who plays Dr. Kavanagh and Peter Williams who played Apophis. Caps here under the respective episodes, Ben was in Harbour Lights and the other two in Borrowed Time.

Also have some clips

Ben Cotton in DA - YSI - Megaupload. Fiona Hogan in DA - here - and also Craig Veroni in DA - here.
Tags: dark angel, my fanfic, my vids, sg1:apophis, sg1:vids, sga:kavanagh, sga:simpson, sga:vids

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