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Why watch 4400, 4400/SG challenge and fic swap!

Okay, so I've seen all of 4400 Season 2 and I thought crossovers with SGA, and maybe SG1, would be quite cool - difficult but workable.

Points for amusement, if Birkoff and Beckett were put together to work on promycin and ATA. If any government employed 4400's were sent to Atlantis (thinking Gary Navarro - the mind reader 4400 - only someone voluntaring their services and ending up in SGC or Atlantis somehow)

Not to mention the coming war - who with? An Ori, wraith invasion or even the creators of the nanovirus?

Could the future selves involve usage of Ancient Tech or help from rogue Ancients (or Ori who don't want to be quite like most?).

I feel like there's some possibilities there, and probably some likelihood of whump in any stories revolving around the coming 'war' or abilities developing. And could you imagine if McKay got some promycin - he was oh so eager to get ATA gene therapy... :D

Anyone else like to see a crossover of these? Anyone lkely to try their hand writing it even?

And for those who haven't seen 4400, explanation of premise and why you should see it

The shows starting point is 4400 people are returned in an instant one day, in 2004 (when the miniseries/Season 1 is set). These people have been abducted over the past 50 years, yet have not aged, and are utterly clueless at what's gone on. They're just dropped back in the timeline the same age and with no memory - no time has passed for them between being taken and returned. Apart from that mystery of the first season (which does get revealed at the end of the season) you also have some of them developing powers. The best character in the miniseries is by far Maia, the poster child for the 4400, a little girl from the 1940's who has visions of the future. She's not creepy and evil, she's in fact more disturbing because she's so innocent and mentions the future just because it seems obvious to her, unlike everyone else. In that way she's merely disconcerting to be around, which is far more effective and wonderful for her character.

To see sort of what I mean, check out the official site which has promo vids for Maia up on the mainpage. She's more disconcerting with it in the miniseries but the short videos there are kind cool too - I prefer "Jars" and "Boys and Girls"

The other characters I liked fair enough to quite a bit, but were all muchly improved on in Season 2 (Season 3 is currently filming - due out June/summer run on USA network). The strongest episodes for the second season were mostly in my opinion the first ones, "Wake Up Call " Parts 1 & 2, and the season finale arc. Never the less, even the 'filler' episodes were pretty good if not really quite great in most cases. "Rebirth" was an engaging episode, that worked so well because unlike many shows it has a running theme for all the characters, it had such depth and a moral dilemma that was well dealt with. "Life, Interrupted" was for me an unexpected delight, showcasing my least favourite character at the time (Tom) along with a new 4400, and what was great was it made me like him so much more. It's kind of rare for a show to be able to change my mind on a character using one episode, but it did.

Generally I'm intrigued by all the character by the end of Season 2 and left anxiously waiting for more and a little sad the seasons are 13 episodes only.

And I'm still really wanting 4400 fic, because there are so few writers only a tiny amount is much good or of interest to me (need more gen/character fics) - so open invitation of fic swap. You write me a 4400 fic (anything but Tom/Diana or the slashes that seem already common for this fandom) and I'll write you a fic of your choice in a fandom (tv/film/book) we share love of - or if you prefer graphics or a vid possibly.
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