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Well valentines day came and went - didn't do much but then I didn't feel need to really. Went to board games night on tuesday which was fun - could have been funner but thats because I got tired and wanted to leave at 9pm and yet waited until 11pm because the game - King maker- went on and on and on.

Yesterday was good. Housemates birthday meant we went to all you can eat Chinese buffet. Wasn't quite as good as the other one I've been to because other one is cheaper, has nice round tables to sit at and slightly more vegetarian stuff. Of course I'm a bit of a hypocrite given that I'm only semi-vegetarian and still eat fish but there wasn't mcuh fish stuff i'd eat there except for prawn toast. tried the crab claw things and didn't care for them - though they are probably not made of any crab at all bit like crab sticks.

Also signed lease for new house which is nice to have mostly sorted. Still have to move in on July first, moving out by 12 noon and taking across to house but might be able to do that few days earlier hopefully to ease the stress. All depends on when people are mvoing out of our new house and when people will want to move in this one. Plus there'll be redirecting mail and cancelling water and stuff. Hate doing that espeically when we have no house phone and mobile rates are so high but that's thankfully months away. Looking forward to settling into the house in summer - to have somewhere to be rather than depending on parents.

Watched Moebius last night and quite liked - loved the guest appearances. And it reminded me of a fic I wanted to write which led to research with help of people - and I'm now pretty sure I'm allergic to rapeseed oil.

I already had the sneaking suspicion and reading about allergy symptons only confirms it because they match how I feel several hours after eating stuff with it in. The only thing would be Quorn products. They started giving me problems about a year ago and only change in ingredients I could see was that they started using rapeseed oil. Just annoying. Being sure doesn't help and really it isn't anything a few puffs of my inhaler and time won't solve.

But I'm hoping it won't start being something they put in more things. I already have rape seed plants as an asthma trigger and those are easy to avoid, only some months of the year, but reading up about rapeseedoil (or canola oil as it seems to be in the US) I wonder if it might start popping up in stuff.

I already avoid aspartame in my foods and obviously meat products and it doesn't help when the main vegetarian substitutes have something that bothers me. Nevermind, can't do anything about it since I doubt they'd change it unless enough customers had the problem - besides that rapeseed/canola oil isn't well researched and is proposed as something people aren't likely to be allergic to though it's clear that there are people out there who are. Couldn't find much out about the possible allergy to it but did find lots of people asking becuase they thought they were and couldn't find out about it.

Quite happy, got made moderator on weirmckayship. And I've been capping again despite lack of time for it. Someone asked me a question that could be answered with a cap and I made lots more at the same time because I couldn't resist continuing.

Screencaps for Sanctuary here.

Lots of fic lately too but mostly drabbles/ficlets.

It's Just There - 100 word drabble for weirmckayship 100 members challenge

Courage - The Eye tag for Rodney - McWeirish drabble

I'll Be Yours - a very twisted dark drabble and an AU tag for The Eye.

For the love of McKay - Introduction to my McWeir valentines day challenge fic.

The Sweetest Thing - a random sugary McWeir drabble.

Too Good To Be True (NC-17) - updated twice, now has 3 chapters.
Tags: health, house, my sga fic, sg1, sga:drabble, sga:mckay/weir

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