Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

4400 fic: In Every Way 6/10 T

Title: In Every Way
Author: Purpleyin

Rating: T
Spoilers: All Season 2
Summary: Ten Marco/Diana drabbles based around the five senses. Half from Diana's POV, half from Marco's.

A/N: Betaread by Fanwoman.
And now the Marco POV's

Visionary (Sight)

He loves to watch her. Stationary, moving, he doesn't care which; she's full of grace, a vision of beauty. He barely cares what she's wearing; she always looks hot to him. Once, Tom caught him staring at her putting on her coat – on the one occasion the guy said, or tried to say, thank you to him. He's a little more careful about it, now. He watches, but he tries not to ogle in any respect of the word. He admires her but, thankfully, no longer from afar.

Sometimes, she catches him, but she doesn't say anything. In fact, she often smiles at him. She knows he watches her but doesn’t seem to mind. He gets the occasional wink, and it even tends to inspire her to talk to him, taunt him about his crush a little. She likes to treat it like one, anyway. He's not sure why, but she doesn't seem to want to consider it anything more – but she knows it is; she can't not know. For now, he'll let her feign ignorance if that’s what she wants.

He won't be dissuaded because she ignores his attempts to make their relationship more concrete. However much she wants to play this game, he knows the chemistry is there. She knows it, too, just like she knows he looks to her and doesn't tell him to not do so. She lets him pretend there's an opportunity just out of reach, that he can sway her even though he knows she'll only do exactly what she wants to, and he lets her pretend it isn't that serious. It's a question of who wins in the end, but he has the feeling that, ultimately, it will be both of them. He hopes so; he doesn't want to face the possibility of not seeing her.


Chapter 5 - Chapter 7
Tags: 4400:diana/marco, 4400:marco, my 4400 fic

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