Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

4400 fic: In Every Way 8/10 T

Title: In Every Way
Author: Purpleyin

Rating: T
Spoilers: All Season 2
Summary: Ten Marco/Diana drabbles based around the five senses. Half from Diana's POV, half from Marco's.

A/N: Betaread by Fanwoman.

Break (Sound)

He loves the sound of her laughter, something that is an amazingly rare occurrence. She often makes little sounds to show her amusement, but an actual laugh out loud isn't part of her usual behaviour. He doesn't know if it's because she's restrained and professional at work or just hard to amuse. It makes his heart sing when he can be the cause of her laughter, and as rare as it is, it seems to happen much more when he's talking to her than when he's seen her with anyone else. Of course, that's not too surprising when he mainly sees her in a work environment. NTAC can be quite grim, and no one else there would bother trying to make her laugh.

The theory room is rather singular in it's casual atmosphere, and he likes to hope that's one of the reasons she comes back to him, dredging down to the basement because it's a break from the tough time upstairs. If he can encourage her to be more herself for even just a few minutes, then his job is done, but hearing her laughter is a special bonus. When it happens, he grins, knowing she's happy and relaxed because of something he's said or done. He probably looks goofy like that, but he doesn’t care. Sometimes it makes her laugh harder in her confusion, and he can't wipe the grin from his face after that. He likes it even better when they're both laughing, both free and in the moment, sharing it.


Chapter 7 - Chapter 9
Tags: 4400:diana/marco, 4400:marco, my 4400 fic

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