Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Don't be surprised if I a) emigrate or b) vote Conservative

...why? Because we're getting ID card's quite possibly. They're 'voluntary' until 2010, you can opt out but presumably still pay the same amount for a new passport as if you had one with ID card included, and it appears everyone will get their details held for the database even if they're not getting an ID card.

Tories have pledged to scrap the whole idea should they win the 2010 election (which is likely why the Lords let this amended version through because they knew it'd depend on who's in power after then) and as much as I hate strategic voting this time I may well because I'm really despising what stupid plans Labour big boys have been putting forward lately. The war was bad enough but the new Legislative bill, as well as the ID cards being pushed as anti-terrorist when they'll do bugger all about crime/immigration etc and waste a feck load of money in the process... well, I'm not going to live here if such things get through. I'd much rather vote Liberal Democrat or Green Party but it only makes much difference locally and I'd go against potential conflicts of general principles to protect definite interests like my civil liberties. Privatisation sounds better than 1984 any day. Failing that I may be tempted to move to France, Germany or Canada if I can, but that'd be if everything went south. Still I'd prefer to have thought about the possibility than pretend everything will be rosy when there's still quite a chance it won't be. I've written to both my MP's about the legislative act but don't have anything else much to do against it.

On a different more cheerful note, I've been listening to radio for the first time in a year, to a streamed Minnesotan channel called The Current (my favourite host is Mary Lucia), and I discovered a new band I rather like called Spinto Band. I just adore their song Brown Boxes, tempted to buy their CD and likely shall. If you want to hear it they have it in full streamed on their site here under audio/visual. Though I was disturbed to hear their Bird Flu update on the station, and advice that if there is a pandemic you'd need enough water, supplies (and maybe electricity etc too?) to survive locked in your house for 3 months!
Tags: music, politics, spinto band

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