Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

4400 fic: In Every Way 10/10 T

Title: In Every Way
Author: Purpleyin

Rating: T
Spoilers: All Season 2
Summary: Ten Marco/Diana drabbles based around the five senses. Half from Diana's POV, half from Marco's.

A/N: Betaread by Fanwoman.
Last one!

Spoilers up to "Mommy's Bosses" since it's set after that.

Dessert (Taste)

The first time, he'd been surprised. She'd sort of tasted like pasta sauce… not very good pasta sauce, either. He really hadn't cared one bit what she'd tasted like, though. Besides, it’d been over fairly quickly; he'd barely been able to tell. This morning, she tastes of coffee, and again, he hardly cares about that kind of detail. He's fixated on Diana, waiting for her response. It’s only the second time they've kissed, and this time, she's the one who's surprised. He's trying to work out what she's thinking, because she backed off a little after his rather brief peck on the lips. It was enough to tell she tastes sweet, like the coffee she's just finished. She's probably thinking that it's inappropriate; they're at NTAC, after all. But in his defence, they're both stuck in an elevator at NTAC. Trapped. Alone. He has a brief flash of thought that she must have reached the same realization, but he doesn't do much thinking after that because they're alone and she's kissing him. She definitely tastes of coffee, very good coffee. It's a bonus, sure, but that's not what he's concentrating on – at times like this, it will always be her and only her.


Chapter 9
Tags: 4400:diana/marco, 4400:marco, my 4400 fic

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