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Okay, so I took part in this years Remix ficathon (what's that you may say? Think remixes of songs but with fic). It's anonymous for a whole week - ending sometime tomorow afternoon when there is the big reveal. Stories can be found on the very nice archive here, which also houses the stories for the past few years. You can browse by remix year, fandom and several other ways. This years remix was Redux IV: I Know What You Did Last Remix.

A lot of the fic is for Harry Potter (which much involving Sirius, Sirius/Remus or the Black family - though it has some wonder other character pieces, too), but other predominant fandoms are SGA (with much McKay/Sheppard), Firefly, Angel and X-Men Movieverse. I might do a rec list of fics but not this week as I'm far too busy with a presentation and a 2000 word essay.

And since other people seem to be doing it, I'm offering a ficlet if you can guess which story I remixed before the reveal. It's only a day left, but if anyone can then you got yourself a ficlet. And no, this isn't open to anyone on my friendlist who might be able to tell from a certain betareader request post I put up (which is now gone). I won't be able to tell if you read it though... To give you a clue I did not remix a Stargate story.

So far I don't think there's much interest in the remix I did. The original author gave nice feedback but otherwise I've had zilch through the sites built in system. :(

Anyway, for anyone interested, the story remixed for me was my Vala (+ Daniel/Vala) piece Liberty and you can find the remix here - A Moment of Indulgence (The Thousand Wishes Remix).
Tags: ficathon, my fanfic, sg1

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