Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

"George Takei is Okay"

To explain that's what Gene Roddenbury said to try and remember how to pronounce Geroge Takei's name - rhymes with okay. The title is relevant as I just saw George Takei today. He's an incredibly nice bloke and a wonderful speaker. I got a very lovely autograph and even got my picture taken with him (though it came out blurry). I probably should write more about it, but I'm tired by now and just thought to mention the fact. He's a very interesting man as well, plus very well spoken, polite and kind. I'm so glad I went to see him speak because he's obviously had an exciting life and has a lot of experience to share. What was particularly poignant was when he talked of being sent to an interrment camp in WW2. I had never heard of that prior to listening to his interview, so though it wasn't a surprise to hear him talk about it, it was still very harrowing a thing by the sound of it and it scary to know it was done then (and history repeats of course, considering what has been claimed about post 9/11 roundups of Arab American citizens). But he seemed to deal with it okay because he was so young at the time, though I'm amazed that by his description his father still had faith in the political system - that it could be as bad, or as good, as the people of the country.

His talk also brought up the point of how difficult it can be for Asian actors to get roles because practically all roles are not written with an Asian character in mind and usually it's because a director changes there mind and rewrites or decides they'd prefer the actor evne if they'd evisioned someone white/non-Asian originally - which was why his being cast as Sulu was quite revolutionary, the same as with the character Uhuru being both black and female and a professional (a champion for women's movement and against aparteid),and Chekov as a trusted Russian team member when it was in the Cold War. George had nothing but praise for Gene Roddenberry and the fact he'd had such visions of the future, and very optimistic ones at that, that had challenged the mindsets of people in the 1960's. It was truly inspirational to listen to.
Tags: conventions, star trek

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