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Fic snippet meme + get your own drabble

Snurched from tielan

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence (or more) from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to what the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).



"You hurt me, that's true, but I'll get over it, eventually" - "Not in time you won't. This will kill you!"


State of Motion

He's standing straight, arms crossed, face turned away from the door, as if he can't look either. The spiteful part of her brain says it's probably because he saved them, and by doing so, put everyone here at risk. Maybe he's even wondering if these moments might be his last...



Her mind was telling her something through the only mouth it had available, the one important person reminding her that her life had been about more than just her daughter



As his lips met hers he felt like everything was falling away, a relief from the constant tension, the thrum causing the rage and passion inside dissipating.


The Fields

He wishes he'd taken her away from here before this had happened. Now she'd just one out of thousands, all of them dead, buried in these fields far away from the city.



What concerns her is that he doesn't seem to feel he belongs where he is, perhaps that's a side effect of losing four years of his life, but he comes to her as if she should know.



The spaces empty ceased to be soon after, everyone moving closer for warmth. It's like they were never there at all apart from in their memories.


Stationary - Stargate Atlantis: Ronon - identified by strivaria

He won't reign down death and suffering by his mere presence but he's so used to the idea that he still finds the urge rising from deep within - a harsh nagging voice reminding him he's stayed too long.


Impression 4400: Tom/Alana - identified by fanwoman

Her first impression of him is, he's not her type. Blond hair, blue eyes, stubborn. He's nothing like her previous husband, nobody could replace him – it's almost insulting to have them force her to act as if he is.



She doesn't remember everything, perhaps she doesn't want to because now her choices appear more ambiguous, when they were once solid to her. She did what was needed, she knew what was needed. Now she isn't sure what to do because she isn't sure who she is, nor why she is.



"It's amazing how total strangers could make you think we ought to break it off or give it another go, but me you wouldn't listen to."


This Life

He's being pulled out of sleep, tugged into consciousness. He's vaguely aware of soft covers and a warm body beside him, and he likes that dream, but when he finally opens his eyes he realizes there is somebody next to him, or more accurately leaning over him. As he focuses he notices her attention seems to flit between his eyes and lips, and she leans over a little more and makes his heart race.



The problem was she was faltering, she had felt the distance closing between them and had done nothing to stop that increased attachment. She was walking on precariously thin ice as it was, knowing how much he was dependant on her - past the level that was usual and ethical – and having to face him once more just to put an end to the predicament.


Shoot Me Down

Half of him hated that he cared enough to take one final long look at her while he still could, and the other half recognised the fact it would be so much better for him to never see her again, even as he mourned the prospect of that.



He was weak, now he suffers. He can not undo that, it's his pain to endure – his reminder evermore to be strong and suffer at least no more than this



She smiles serenely, the kind of expression that says she knows something he doesn't. It's enough to unnerve several people standing next to him in the queue. Rightly so, because a few seconds later he's on the floor, silent and still, without so much as a finger laid on him.


In Your Thoughts

For some reason a chill ran down her spine as she read the note - "Always thinking of you, and this way I know you're always thinking of me"


I have lots of in progress things, I doubt many will be ready soon but for some fun if anyone can guess what each is about based on the little sections...the first person to guess the fandom of each gets a 100 word drabble to their theme/pairing but each person only gets two guesses and I'll reveal the fandom after 6 incorrect guesses.

If you can guess the character pov/pairing as well then I'll write a 200 word one or if you only guess character after someone else guessed fandom you get a 100 word drabble. Same applies, 6 incorrect character guesses and I'll reveal. But I probably won't have this offer up long or else I'll be writing tons of drabbles. ;)


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Aug. 20th, 2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
Oooh, the Stationary snippit sounds like Ronon. They all sound interesting though... the Impression snippit has me especially intrigued.
Aug. 21st, 2006 10:22 am (UTC)
Right you are, it is indeed Ronon. That's probably the most obvious snippet, especially since Sateda aired, though that one has been hanging around for quite some time since I forgot about it until I went to backup stuff recently. I really need to finish more of them and give my folders a good clear out that way so I don't lose anything that way.

I think Impression might be fairly obvious, too, to the right people who are likely to recognise the character. I can't say any more about it without possibly giving things away...

If you want a 200 word drabble I owe you one - just pick your fandom and theme/character/pairing. I know there's only a few fandoms I'm particularly active in writing for but I'm willing to write in many more, film fandoms too. I won't bother giving a list since I'd undoubtedly miss plenty off of it, the one thing I don't do is anime because despite my wishes I haven't managed to see any yet. So whatever you'd like, try me - a challenge is always nice to get. :)
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