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My Fannish Review 2006

Decided to do that thing I did last year, a round up and examination of everything fan related I created last year. I rather doubt 2006 was more creative than 2005, I suspect my word count was less and I know I didn't do as much vidding by far. And yes, apparently I clocked just under 60,000 words last year, compared to over 120,000 in 2005!

January: The month of drabbles, quite a bit of OT3, rare pairings and it seems I dreamt about Chucknician which I'd definitely completely forgotten until now. I also dabbled in a little BSG fic and was odd enough to get stuck on the crazy pairing of Kavanagh/Simpson. Word count of just over 12,500.

-The comment on "Michael" still needs an icon of "OHMYGOD! I woke up on a different show!" and for "Collateral Damage" I've yet to see one with "Insert Backstory Here >".
-Bunch of Weir icons from "Critical Mass", variations on one and 3 M/Wish Rodney icons from "The Long Goodbye".
- BSG fic's Game Over (Lee angst, Ressurection Ship missing scene) and a Gaius/Six drabble Consensual
- What the Drabble-O-Matic made of McKay/Weir.
-teh OT3: Echoes (McKay/Grodin//Weir), Interlude (McKay/Weir/Sheppard) and I started Rodney/anyone smut_69 but haven't gotten very far...
-The Kav/Simpson explosion: the apocalyptic Ever After, fluff in Fanciful Notions and Critical Mass tag Sleeping Dogs
-5 No Words rare pairings drabbes here, including Ronon/Weir, Heightmeyer/Zelenka, Teyla/Bates, Ford/Sora and Kav/Simpson + Concentrated for Elizabeth/Radek.
-Other SGA fics: The hive tag Conflict of Interests, Sora Seige missing scene Silhouettes, chapters 2 and 3 of Critical Mass tags Tainted, Hp/SGA Christmas crossover Secreted, The Brotherhood based Stackhouse angst Released

February: I attended Pegasus 1 with much squeefulness, as well as discovering and adoring The 4400. Word count 6,500.

- I found the wonderful community of fic_on_demand and with my 4400 love focusing largley on Marco (and Marco/Diana) I asked for one on him and have only just noticed the response. I also asked for "Foolproof" and "Edgemont" fics but no takers since both a little known. Great community by the way, though they only take requests when the list of waiting to filled ones are 100 or less, so maybe you could help out. ;)
- More Kav fic in this BYOS The View and K/S whumping Typical
- Valentines M/W "And then she said", "The Long Goodbye" M/W AU "On The Edge" and "Grace Under Pressure" M/W AU as well Refractions, plus my first 4400 fic (OC) "Marked"
- some screencaps for Dark Angel guest stars of Ben Cotton (SGA Kavanagh), Fiona Hogan (SGA Dr. Simpson) and Peter Williams (SG1 Apophis) and clips for the first two, plus Craig Veroni on DA.

March: 4400 fic explosion appears to have happened this month. Word count of 18,000.

-4400 Diana/Marco: Not Searching Anymore, Standing, Two in the hand, Misconception, Don't Be A Stranger, Keeping Faith, Shy Baby and the short dark AU Deadend
-In Every Way 10 Diana/Marco drabbles: Lush (Diana Sight), Drive (Diana Touch), Hold (Diana Sound), Gain (Diana Smell), Entree (Diana Taste), Visionary (Marco Sight), Static (Marco Touch), Break (Marco Sound), Subdue (Marco Smell) and Dessert (Marco Taste)
-Other 4400 fics: Composition (Alana), Vigilance (Tom), Reaching (Shawn), Third Time Lucky and Mistaken (Diana)
-SGA fic: Kav is an axe murderer in Attention to Detail and dark doubting Elizabeth in The Traveller

April: Was mainly busy with my final year dissertation but still wrote a little to relax. Word count 9,300 more or less.

-SGA: humouress gen in Fiendish, Cadman/Lorne for sgarareathon My Kind Of Person and MW fluff XYZ
-4400: General vid to Gollum's Song Darkness Falling and fics A Priori (Maia), Perspective (dark future Diana/Marco), Let's Pretend (Diana/Marco), Absolutes (Nina) and a Firefly/4400 crossover Complications
-For anyone on my flist I wrote a poem which I thought I'd sort of grown out of almost
-Took part in the multifandom remixathon, with this as my contribution Once Upon A Time (Descent Remix)

May: This month was finish dissertation before madly scrambling onto exams, with the added misfortune of me hurting my hand. Hence I wrote 1 fic of 2,600 words and started the illfated 4400 ficathon off.

-4400: Supernova (Diana/Marco)

June: Not much happening there either really, just 1,500 words.

-4400: Icons, more icons, Brian/Lily abduction aftermath angst in To Endure Is Not Enough and a Shawn/Isabelle fic Time Will Tell.
-I joined myspace as Purpleyin.

July: My muses abandonned me and apart from graduation this month involved unsuccessful job hunting. Word count 3,000.

-SGA: written for the Teyla ficathon, Inheritance
-A few 4400 icons.

August: Was mostly ill but still managed 6,000 words.

-Started the still unfinished Sacrifices for the 4400 ficathon, as well as these two one shots Moment By Moment and That Which Is Known

September - December: I got a fulltime job, moved cities and free time mostly got spend watching DVD's and finding new shows to adore, like Heroes. word count just 1,000.

-At sometime I joined youtube and uploaded my videos, which created the situation where h0rrid (aka David Hewlett) saw and favourited my Rodney McKay's Sunscreen vid, making me grin like a fangirl for the better part of that week.
- I posted fic snippets which reminds me how few things out of that are finished.
- My one fic was Snapshot flicking back to S2 SGA and a Carson/Ford friendship angst scene.
Tags: 4400, bsg, my fanfic, my graphics, sg1, sga

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