Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Isis Awards! Yay!

I noticed today that the Isis Awards (for SG het shipping) are on finally! *was worried they'd fallen into the big black hole of the net since the last known email didn't work* Anyhoo, I crossposted a fair bit of pointing it out on a few communities I favour, to do my bit. Must try and remember all the good fic read over the last year to nominate... But one more thing - *huggles the new Isis team for making the awards happen again*

And to point out, nominations seem to be open as of today, March 1st, until March 22nd. Tis a brief period as usual. The address for the site is this - http://isis.worldstowander.com/
Tags: awards, fandom, sg1, sga

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