Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Gate me

So, fuskyb held up my betareading/posting of betaed fic because he demanded out of the blue this evening to be shown what a Gateship's front looked like, and to keep it up on the screen for about five minutes so he could draw it. *pets the geek* You heard right, he called it Gateship (so like McKay or Ford...or an Ancient?) instead of a puddlejumper.

The sketch is looking awesome currently, with a drone - or firey sperm as he described it - attacking it. I asked why before beginning to fill in plausible reasons myself, merely proving to him that with scifi you don't need a reason, the fans fill it all in (icon anyone?).

Why do I share this with you, for those who don't know him? Mainly so any interested parties go over to his LJ and poke him should he not upload and post about it. He needs encouragement to share and share he should, I wish I could draw that well. Worryingly he's attempting to draw ME piloting the jumper!
Tags: friends, sga:art rec

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