Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

The Stargate Friending Meme

Because I figured a) I want shiny new fandom flisters and b) I thought maybe existing SGesque people might like to make new friends (nudges blackydragon who's currently getting into SG-1 in particular) I did the SG friending meme.

And here I am a PIMPIN'G it. You go. You comment. You get some (more) likeminded friends.

I added meself, predictably forgetting a number of key other fandoms I love (apologies to BSG, Lost, Dexter, The X Files/Lone Gunmen and Farscape).

And in other, but sad, news - the gateship was lost. I'm currently cursing either GIMP for crashing or fuskyb's lack of RAM. Sure he saved the file but the program saved a corrupt version over the top when it crashed. Grrr. It was looking so fantastic, I nearly cried when I found out.
Tags: fandom, friends, memes, sga

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