Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

My Dog Vincent (Chuck Campbell) screencaps

So, I bought film because of Chuck love - for those who know not of whom I speak he's the guy who plays Chucknician/Sergeant Canada on SGA. Watched film with much squeeing (there's so much Chuck in it!) - really enjoyed it. It's a Canadian coming of age drama in a much more understated way than any of the Hollywood American Pie sort of deals,with a less usual cool subtle humour, plus it has realism and quirkisness to the characters that made me feel for the guys.

Anyway, I then spent another 4.5 hours making caps and came out with just over 500 screencaps (jpg's) for it.

EDIT: Available as a rar archive uploaded to yousendit, though you need to register for yousendit (which they require for downloading more than a 20mb file).


Also, now up on photobucket for casual perusal. :)

I was trying to cap for variety and some are more amusing than others (though plenty of adorable shots too) but I hope there be some nice icons etc from these. If you take them a comment would be good but no worries if not and credit isn't specifically necessary - just no claiming these as you own caps - what I'd really love is if people making anything from them could post a link back here so I can see what was done, because it'd be nice to see such pretty things resulting from the plain old caps.
Tags: actors:chuck_campbell, films, screencaps

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