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Meme and pimpage

Work was good I think, I at least had things given to me to do but had less time at home tonight because we both walked in due to a bike puncture. I spent it online mostly, made a Sanctuary facebook group to pimp out the show, now that they have a 2 minute trailer online for all. Off to watch Ugly Betty before it gets too late for that kind of relaxing.

Guess The Fandom, stolen from ninnui.

The rules are simple: You guess the fandom I am describing using 6 word stories. Comments will be screened for fun :)

01. The losers flying in their skies - Firefly
[guessed first by ljmckay but also nevilley]

02. Arbitrary number returned to change lives - The 4400 (suggestions of Seven Days)
[guessed first by beanie_j but also by mazzmatazz,planetkiller, melodyunity and strivaria]

03. Girl fights all and loses herself - Buffy (suggestions of Firefly)
[guessed first by mazzmatazz but also by nevilley, melodyunity and strivaria]

04. Intrepid adventurers journeying hole to hole - Stargate
[guessed first by ljmckay but also mazzmatazz and strivaria]

05. RECENT FILMS Questing after alcohol and the impossible. [suggstions Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies. Beerfest and H2G2]
[not yet correctly guessed]

06. 60's SHOW A - very - slow - expedition into unknown. (suggestions of Lost, Andromeda, original BSG, Lost in Space)
[not yet correctly guessed]

07. The family saves and kills equally - Supernatural (suggestions of Sanctuary)
[guessed first by planetkiller but also by strivaria]

08. Team defeating the odds, and physics - The A Team (suggestions of Star Trek: Voyager, SGA or SG-1, Eureka, Quantum Leap and Blake's Seven)
[guessed first by blackydragon]

09. RECENT SHOW Selling a bit of mother nature. (suggestions of Final Fantasy, Primeval, Torchwood)
[not yet correctly guessed]

10. 70's FILM An electrifying performance, off this planet. (suggestions of Doctor Who, Star Wars)
[not yet correctly guessed]

EDIT: Five still to be guessed, all the others have had at least one person get them right. Answers revealed when all have been gotten. Helpful hints, think outside things you know I watch and go a bit old school and non-scifi too. ;)
Tags: fandom, job, life, memes, sanctuaryforall

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