Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Remixing + Isis Awards

Just to pimp it out, incase anyone reading might be interested in joining the remix fun - gateverse_remix. It's the one ficathon-esque thing I'm allowing myself to sign up for, mainly given it has a healthy amount of time between assignment and deadline.

Also on a fandom related note, thank you to those who nominated me for the Isis Awards. I have 3 fics nominated this year, 2 McKay/Weir (A Mutual Feeling & XYZ) and also 1 Kavanagh/Simpson (Nostalgia), which was squeeful to see up on the list today since I wasn't expecting any non-M/W noms. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure if I'd get anything nominated because my fic output has been low this last year, not exactly putting me on anyone's radar, and in that time I've barely written any M/W to boot. So it was a pleasant enough surprise just to see I had two noms for that - it cheered me up. Big hugs to you, whoever you are.
Tags: awards, fandom, ficathon, my sga fic, sga

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