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Remixing + Isis Awards

Just to pimp it out, incase anyone reading might be interested in joining the remix fun - gateverse_remix. It's the one ficathon-esque thing I'm allowing myself to sign up for, mainly given it has a healthy amount of time between assignment and deadline.

Also on a fandom related note, thank you to those who nominated me for the Isis Awards. I have 3 fics nominated this year, 2 McKay/Weir (A Mutual Feeling & XYZ) and also 1 Kavanagh/Simpson (Nostalgia), which was squeeful to see up on the list today since I wasn't expecting any non-M/W noms. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure if I'd get anything nominated because my fic output has been low this last year, not exactly putting me on anyone's radar, and in that time I've barely written any M/W to boot. So it was a pleasant enough surprise just to see I had two noms for that - it cheered me up. Big hugs to you, whoever you are.


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Apr. 14th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
Congrats on your noms! I don't normally read McKay/Weir but I've read all your Kav/Simpson and I know at least one deserved it.

What exactly is a remix? I've heard of it before and no one has ever explained to me what it is.
Apr. 14th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
Basically for a remix, the remixer picks one of your stories to rewrite. It's not with the aim of fixing, just retelling in a different way. The basic plot (and pairings usually) must be the same generally, though remixes may differ. So for example the might do the same plot but darker in theme, exploring what else could come from it, they might retell something from another pov or change the focus to another character who was already there. The general idea is it must include most of the original ideas but it can expand upon it, pre or post as long as it includes in this case at least 50% of the original stories scope. Moreover, it should be complimentary to the original story, an addition to what already exists.

Personally, the last remix I was involved in I found quite fun on both counts. I loved seeing what someone did to my SG-1 Vala fic and I enjoyed remixing a BtVs/Angel fandom fic which I'd otherwise probably not have strayed into, having barely written anything for that fandom after my first ever fic - written aged 14 - that was MarySue-tastical.

If it'd help to see an example, here's the remix I did which has the link to the original fic I remixed in the post too.
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