Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Gamers, I need you! Help me find these games

There are two old pc games that I have been wanting to find for sometime. Not knowing what they're called is the problem and it drives me partially crazy every time I think of them and contemplate how they might be lost in the folds of the net, if they even exist anywhere anymore.

1. Platform game, quite pretty, from early 90's I'd guess based on how evolved the graphics were. I believe it had a ninja in it, that you play, but don't hold me to that. Certainly the levels I played looked oriental and the character was dressed in black martial arts robes. Mainly want to find this because it looked so majestic and I might not suck at it/won't have to wrestle the computer off my brother so would actually get to play it this time.

2. This one was later on in the 90's, worked on Windows (probably 95) and came on a Computer Shopper cover disc - not that this detail helps me since they don't have any archives for that on their website. Was a pet game but quite different from Catz or Dogz. Everything was acid bright colours, set in an apartment/living room, and the pet was some odd armadillo/anteater creature. You could be really mean to it. It was original for the time and quite amusing, I've wanted to see this one again for years. Think pet was in the title but that really doesn't help me in tracking it down.
Tags: games, geeky

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