Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

I've been mostly watching...

On my watch list was.

Lost - getting awesome again in my opinion.

Drive - which didn't materialise, damn why can't they give us those last 2 eps!

Boston Legal - wonderful, as it always is.

Ugly Betty - I just continue to love the surprises and the character growth, so hope there will be S2.

Heroes - I love end of the world type drama and future selfs are so wonderfully fucked up; I enjoy character suffering far too much.

Supernatural - always love it but this one really drives the Dean adoration up a notch, I started out mainly a Sam fan but bless Dean, he's so angstridden.

Scrubs - is it me or does it almost always end on a downer this season (6)? Still, they really do more for other characters now and I enjoy that, oh and the sheer randomness they include.

My Name Is Earl - still lovin' it, especially fun since I could relate to the shop division a bit, easy to see if quite exagerated for comedy.

Also S1 Smallville, watched the first disc as we've started playing catch up. Honestly, everyone seems to want to be/fancy Lana and that's not so funny. Nice as Kristin Kreuk is, I don't find Lana that hot, though head cheerleaders seem to get idolised in all films. She's also playing a character who seems fairly similar to her Edgemont one... if with a little less bite early on in the show. But anyway, I kind of enjoy the freak of the week deal even if some powers are laughably acquired. Plus, whenever Mark Snow does music it sounds so samey to me, like music for X files and Smallville melt together... Slightly offputting but eh, it wouldn't really stop me watching.


- "Somewhere in time", watched for Christoper Reeve, mainly rented because fuskyb has a Superman fascination and wanted to see him as someone else. Nice concept, not badly acted but somehow meh. A few cheesy moments. Sacrilege as this may be to fuskyb I'd love to see a remake of the film.

- "John Tucker Must Die" pretty cliche, predictable, sometimes cringeworthy in prank execution but nevertheless good comedy acting, fairly enjoyable to rent if you want some fluff. Also fun to see Dan Payne playing "Skip".

- "Hard Candy" was...psychologically draining, did sort of bore me with it's slowness at times but was intriguing enough anyway, so I kept watching. You'd probably like it if you like plays, given the nature of the film and fact it was written by a playwright. Relatively low budget, filmed in two small locations and with only 5 actors, one of whom was Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy and the main character played by Ellen Paige who you might just about recognise as Kitty Pryde from X-men: The Last Stand; somehow they managed to make her 17/18, look a believable 14...
Tags: fandom, films

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