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Expo - Sanctuary love

Just got back from Expo - so much fun. I am exhausted, I have blisters, I spent so much more money than I expected. I have enough DVD's to keep my entertained for a couple months. I also have an adorable kitty head cushion, pocky, american candy, frebbies to investigate, cool tshirt, Serenity comics and a Supernatural Prequel comic!

I must go shower and bed but first I repost here what I already posted on GW Sanctuary thread.

The sanctuary panel got delayed due to the Christopher Lee on before that experiencing some problems but once we finally got in Amanda and Damian were great, they introduced the next episode to us. I admit it was hard to see well with the lighting in the arena and there was lots of Robot Wars noise in the background for some of it but it was great. Quite a bit of humour in it. :D

What was also interesting was that they left some green screen scenes in or not fully finished effects so we could get a feel for the process of making the show, what's real or not, how they set up the shots etc.

Then there was the Q&A, which Paul joined in on and he's a hoot, answering the writer question and that sort of fooling around. Amanda was lovely and wanted to immediately address the issue of Helen's accent - which is designed as not entirely British due to the character's past moving around living in various foreign countries for years - they mentioned 10 years here and 5 years there, forget the specific countries, think China was mentioned but might be wrong - varied anyhow. Apparently upcoming flashback scenes about magnus's past and her father will have Amanda doing a flawless British accent.

Damian seems really warm and enthusiastic too and was emphasising how they were trying to push the boundaries not just in the web only experience but in how they film the show, fully HD straight to hard drive and using a laser system (which someone asked about) to track where the camera looks somehow to better be able to blend in with virtual sets.

There was quite a bit more including a few snippets on Paul's character Wexford will have bright green eyes, not be entirely human (4 hours of makeup for Paul), an ex-resident of sanctuary I thought they said, and has encyclopedic knowledge of things (not sure if particular topic or generally) that Magnus will come to him for help on, Amanda's hair, about not having too many SG actors on the show (so though they want to get talented people and friends they've worked with they're wary of not overdoing it because they don't want to become known as that other S show with as many Stargate people on ), how many more episodes they hope to do if these go okay (10 hours! 40 webisodes yay!) and how at the moment they aren't overly concerned with piracy since they want the show noticed but are hoping the full web/community experience will win out over just watching the show that would occur if anyone pirates (not having access to the extra content). I couldn't hear all of the questions or answers well, but definitely great to be at. I'll have to stress my brain to remember more tomorrow, I'm pretty zapped out by now since we got up 5am to travel to the con.

After the lengthy wait and moving around of queues pre-talk, they seemed dedicated to making sure everyone there got their free signed item which was so nice of them since the wording about this pre-con had made it sound like it was first come first serve, and possible to miss out.

Ended up with a Sanctuary postcard, signed by all three of them and I gave each a badge too - Amanda thought I wanted it signed but seemed pleasantly surprised when I said it was for her. And she recognised my costume and pointed out something like "There's a Magnus, they're dressing up already" to Damian. Aw. Hee. :D

I know a few people took photos of me in costume, so there's probably a much better one I'll come across. I also tried to get photos of the talk but my camera sucks (barely any zoom and not good with the lighting) and undoubtedly someone else has decent ones.


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May. 27th, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
Thanks for the report. :) I met Damian Kindler briefly at the GW dinner during the Vancouver con last March. Just listening to him talk about Sanctuary got me all fired up about watching it. I wasn't all the interested in it before that. Somehow, I missed the fact that Paul McGillion is going to be in it.
May. 27th, 2007 11:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, he seems so into it, eager to discuss it and to please not watchers but fans because fans are the watchers.

Oh and I just posted another bit of report about it. :D Remembered more this morning.
May. 27th, 2007 11:36 am (UTC)
Have you eaten all your pocky yet? ;) tee hee
May. 27th, 2007 11:55 am (UTC)
Nope. I found I didn't like the white one that much, tastes like banana (is it meant to, I just presumed it was white chocolate-ish) - but mmm, the strawberry bit one. It's hard to resist but I have only one box! Of course I have nerds too. :D
May. 28th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
*googles Pocky* Oh, wierd :D What fun! Sounds like a great time. I bet Amanda got a real kick out of your costume :D Badge! heehee!
May. 29th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
I hope she did, otherwise she might just be thinking wow what a crazy!

Pocky mmm. The normal chocolate pocky is a bit like breadsticks dipped in nutella, the white I liked less (since it doesn't appear to be chocolate but chocolatey stuff) but mmmm, the strawberry pocky with bits in... That was 3x more expensive so I only bought one box but I adored that. Must get more if I go to October expo...or if somewhere imports it. :D
Jun. 4th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
If you ever get the chance, try Milk and Honey Pocky--sooooo yummy. Mango Mousse is pretty tasty, too. I'm also fond of the classic chocolate and almond. Avoid the Mens Pocky, unless you really like unsweetened chocolate.

Sounds like you had quite the day. On to the next post!
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