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More Sanctuary report

After a good nights sleep I've remembered a bit more. :D

To clarify about the writers question Paul answered. It was getting near the end of the panel and one person asked about how playing a character with an accent affect their performance, for the actors, and for the writer, she asked how Damian came up with the idea. Paul went into answering that one lol.
Damian seemed quite happy to let Paul run with that but after the accent question got answered (Amanda said it was as important to find the right voice/accent as it was to capture the characers walk and style and that finding an accent could actually make it easier to slip into being that character). Damian said the script had been around roughly since 2000, the feel of the show influenced by graphic novels (I couldn't hear which exactly but he did specify a couple), a book (again I couldn't hear the title fully, sounded like Alien something or other) and dark shows like The X files, Buffy.

Someone also asked if there were plans for Sanctuary graphic novels and Damian said they could well be - that he'd emailed and chatted with a guy who he loved the work of and that when getting people on board they were keen to do everything to make people happy, to get people enthusiastic about the possibilities working on the project (not exact wording but the jist from what I can remember). There was also a comment about the feel of the set - I think it related to the pushing the boundaries one -that any of them were just as likely to shift some cables needed moved on set, Amanda, Damian. They have titles obviously but the working environment is very different, much more equal overall than usual.

They did mention that they understand how important fans are to the sucess of such a show, being web only, not facing a network decision and having money thrown at them but having to really float on the basis of fans liking it, buying it directly.

Oh yeah, the change in Amanda's hair (which a little girl asked about) was to make her so different from Carter visually so no one would mistake her.

I'm still trying to recall stuff, I know there must be more details. Ah, yes. not allowed to talk about what was in the webisode, or so I presume, but half way through we got a Mac OS X "You are now running on reserve battery power" popup, which amused me. No clue if that was the ep running off Damian's laptop or just what the Expo people were using to show it.
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