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All round McWeir fic archive

I'm one of the people who's meant to be sorting out the McWeir site and jsut popping in a note about it.

The site might be up sooner because of this since the fic archive is the harder part - this maybe be up this week if all goes well and ready for submissions but we'll see. A plain html site would probably follow - with promise of a fully integrated custom php site at some time in the future (I ahd great plans but sadly no time until either easter or the summer)

For now I don't have time to write own custom php archive for the fic so I'm opting for using eFiction
1.1 (same as wraithbait).

I'm geting server settings sorted tomorow and then will attmepted to set it up. It has it's limitations and so can't do everything i'd hoped for but it's better than nothing for sure - as long as used as instructed.

Things that can't be done unless I'm mistaken are the idea of selecting main ship and secondary ship (providing one is McKay/Weir). but any story should be welcome as long as it has some form of Mcweir (though stories with other pairings and angst over it would be expected to warn in summary or header before story - we'll also take McWeir in form of friendship too - the subtle canon-esque ship)

Or having challenges section where you could post story as a response so that readers could read all
responses to a challenge.

Also an't do direct linknig to sequels/prequels and so will have to rely on writers reading instrcutions
(which will be provided in help and possibly registering email too) on how to put a link in the text to
their already posted sequel/prequel in story text header.

Also means no form for selection of listing episodes because whilst lsiting them under warnnigs is
possible it would require alot of updating and is easier for writers to do than have a horrendous list to
scroll through (imagine what it would be like if they get to season 3 or more!)

We'd also rely on users using common sense and courtesy to include spoiler warnings and I think as
part of the system (though i must check on it) stories would be set as unfinished and writers would be
expected to change the status if they are.

For Categories I planned on
Single stories
-Chapter Fic

-character study
-episode related
-first time

Characters: (going to be lengthy but not all listed here unless any one would prefer it shortened)
all main
secondary characters
wraith like steve, marilyn greg etc wraith in general, goa'uld
ancients chaya, janus etc, maybe tokra, asguard, the nox
other e.g. simon, furlings
earthlings like daniel jackson and characters from earth for crossover purposes mainly but only a few

Suggestions on a definitive list of characters are accepted becuase I'm to tired to make one now.:)

Ratings (not sure if it's still okay to use US film ones- rumours the film industry is sueing people over it)
-Over 12

-adult themes
-character death(s)
-all of season 1 episodes
-season 2 rumours

I'm pretty sure the system has ability to do word count and other stuff but won't find out until I get it
up and have a chance to play with it.

It also needs a skin, any takers on that just go to wraithbait and follow the efiction link and then onto
the new efiction site - which has forums if you want to look into what making a skin involves.

Since I wouldn't mind anyone doing that bit because I'm not good at graphics part. The link for now
won't be McWeir unless I buy a domain for it and get forwarding from it to the real URL but then I'd
have to pay for it and no one has decided what it should be. There's poll on the subject over on the
weirmckayship yahoo group though.

Ok, think that's everything for now.
Lots to do - and I really need to do essay planning too! Bah.
Essay for 18th march, presentation for not this firday but next and essay to go with it for who knows when, plus another random end of march project. I'm really not doing so well with time management - I blame the bunnies! Plus essays = badness and writing fic = happiness for many so it's hard to get down to essays or even be in the right state of mind. lol.
Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com

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