January 13th, 2005



Ok, so learning java not going well.
My mind is incapable of taking a break from fanfic.
Currently keeping at bay, two letters from pegasus tags, the next chapter of too many scientists spoil the plot and the real hotzone fic. Plus a couple of drabbles and an unusual pairing one.
And I was intent on making a video too.

But spent today helping out with new atlantis message board of which I am now a mod. put quite alot of effort into it, helping the others who set it up. so come visit it at.

Other than that I'll get back to some betareading I must finish.

What I did today (or at least in the last hour of today)

I did plan to make vid (or atleast pay around with trying to and write a different fic but this is what I did today instead. Argh, can't control the plot bunnies because I really meant to do some java.
I must be forever doomed to be distracted when I try.
But there's still tomorow.
And I was upset about my teapot. Henry glued top back together with soem kind of superglue but glue heated up when the teapot was used and presumably poisoned the tea, which I had to pour down the sink; what a waste and I can't even use my teapot as well!

Onto the fic;

Title: More Than
Author: Purpleyin
Category: Angst/romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: McKay/Weir
Spoilers: None
Summary: The wraith are coming, as they promised they would, the battle in sight for Atlantis. Rodney McKay feels fear, feels alone and he goes to Elizabeth for comfort; friendship being all he has for now.

More Than