February 17th, 2005


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Well valentines day came and went - didn't do much but then I didn't feel need to really. Went to board games night on tuesday which was fun - could have been funner but thats because I got tired and wanted to leave at 9pm and yet waited until 11pm because the game - King maker- went on and on and on.

Yesterday was good. Housemates birthday meant we went to all you can eat Chinese buffet. Wasn't quite as good as the other one I've been to because other one is cheaper, has nice round tables to sit at and slightly more vegetarian stuff. Of course I'm a bit of a hypocrite given that I'm only semi-vegetarian and still eat fish but there wasn't mcuh fish stuff i'd eat there except for prawn toast. tried the crab claw things and didn't care for them - though they are probably not made of any crab at all bit like crab sticks.

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