February 22nd, 2005


Something done

Ah, it was sooo cold last night that I went to bed freezing and woke up freezing having not gotten any decent sleep - also the coldness made me not want to get out of bed and out of the veritable warmth of the duvet until 12am. And by 2 or so pm i actually finally started that essay.

It was amazingly boring - I hate systems theory archaeology stuff and even mroe I hate rereading same thing for about the 20th time this last year. But I got essay done - not my best, might get 40% or might get 60% - hard to tell when its 1000 words. It said to compare the 3 text and I did so should be fair.

And after all that I decided to attempt some graphics, SGa of course and MCkay/Weir for the yahoogroup since I promised to try to make some. Resonably pleased with results consdering its my second attempt at things with GIMP and I've only spent maybe 4 hours playing with the program in total.