March 3rd, 2005


Stressful days

Well today I'm happy if stressed.
got lots of books out for deciding on presentation topic. my lecturer also replied to my email with lots of helpful info/suggestions. So tonight I read and research!
Though first I must cook dinner.

mainly website decision making getting to me - thoughts of it creep into every waking moment. hard to stop organising - like my brain wants it over and finished already!

Problem now is the skins and the mods to system - once we get system to test that is.
also decisions on hosting and the general site are difficult. How we manage upload of vids and pictures with them being moderated, and if we can take vids or not, if we can be amazon affiliates if we do. If we can be anyway, how will people with dialup send us vids and if using ftp is wise, don't want people abusing system and ou r space, how to manage admin system and having to trsut all admins with details and passwrods etc...list goes on. Really the system needs to be simple to sue and maintain - so maybe the general side will have to be heavily modded version of efiction, made easier for the type of stuff we want.

But nice to know that is apparently same price as .net so might as well go for .com
Will do another proper update later, but off to watch neighbour now.
Oh and thanks to Patti who did me a lovely Dr. Corrigan form SGa avatar/icon.
Anthropology love is in the air and it all helps motivate me for my anthropology presentation work.