September 6th, 2005


SGA Fic: At Odds (for SGAHC 5 minute challenge - Sorrow)

Title: At Odds
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Up to S2 Condemned.

A/N: As the challenges tend to induce, this one came outta almost nowhere, but kind of pleased to have gotten to writing more for Weir. Also rather angsty, with an issue that might hit close to home for some, so hope I don't upset anyone too much with it. Not betaread because it's way too late to get anyone to, so any mistakes point out if you like, all my fault but wouldn't mnid knowing so I can fix them. :)

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Reverse Drabble Challenge

Got a challenge for all you fic writers. Pick a fandom(s), some 'good' characters and some 'bad' characters. Write drabbles (or more if you like...) reversing the poles of morality while still keeping in character. Put a darkfic twist on the heros and a sympathetic angle to the traditional baddies.

If anyone takes this up I'd love to read the results (and not just for SGA, I like many fandoms).