March 2nd, 2006


Why watch 4400, 4400/SG challenge and fic swap!

Okay, so I've seen all of 4400 Season 2 and I thought crossovers with SGA, and maybe SG1, would be quite cool - difficult but workable.

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And for those who haven't seen 4400, explanation of premise and why you should see it Collapse )
And I'm still really wanting 4400 fic, because there are so few writers only a tiny amount is much good or of interest to me (need more gen/character fics) - so open invitation of fic swap. You write me a 4400 fic (anything but Tom/Diana or the slashes that seem already common for this fandom) and I'll write you a fic of your choice in a fandom (tv/film/book) we share love of - or if you prefer graphics or a vid possibly.