June 6th, 2006


Of vid reccing

I thought I'd do a bit of vid reccing, haven't done that in ages. So, I'd like to recommend Portho's SG vids here. Mostly SGA vids right now and that's what I'm reccing here.

We Are is a fabulous song choice and great for SGA S2. GateTrek is short but amusing. Spongebob McShep should not be missed. Imperfect Match is a kickass vid for the Teyla/Michael relationship. And for any McKay/Weir fans Hold Me is a really nice vid for the pairing. :)

And now to ask, anyone got any recommendations for the following fandoms? They caveat is they must be available to download, not just watchable on the net.
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I wouldn't mind recs for other scifi (film or tv) vids, as there's probably stuff I'm missing off my list. Also love any recs for non-scifi or humour vids anyone would think I'd enjoy... So come on people rec me, and don't be afraid to rec your own if you think it's that good. ;)