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Enterprise needs you!

Remember a show called Star Trek - remember the latest incarnation.

Well I admit Season 1 was good, Season 2 better and Season 3 possibly not quite so, but Season 4 has had new life breathed into it by Many Coto and yet now it gets cancelled!

Happily the fans don't give up that easily. Samea s with Farscape, however, this time fans are gonig one step further - they are attempting to fund the show, or at least raise enough money to show the networks that they mean it. money speaks 10 times better than fan letters alone. They already raised several thousand to put an add in a national newspaper in the Us to rally the fans and promote the website where donations are being collected.

To find out more and hopefully donate something go here.

$36 million is need - $3 million promised already by 3 rich fans and $61,000+ at last count by ordinary everyday fans who don't want Season 4 to be the end.

I did my bit at the very least. It's not much to give really, considering vast amount of fans out there watch downloads and a DVD would cost more.
I may like SGA and BSG better but Enterprise still has a place in my heart and i hope it can carry on from the excellent season we're having now, into an even better Season5.
Not to mention how groundbreaknig this will be if it suceeds.
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