March 6th, 2007

RKb&w, RK

The Stargate Friending Meme

Because I figured a) I want shiny new fandom flisters and b) I thought maybe existing SGesque people might like to make new friends (nudges blackydragon who's currently getting into SG-1 in particular) I did the SG friending meme.

And here I am a PIMPIN'G it. You go. You comment. You get some (more) likeminded friends.

I added meself, predictably forgetting a number of key other fandoms I love (apologies to BSG, Lost, Dexter, The X Files/Lone Gunmen and Farscape).

And in other, but sad, news - the gateship was lost. I'm currently cursing either GIMP for crashing or fuskyb's lack of RAM. Sure he saved the file but the program saved a corrupt version over the top when it crashed. Grrr. It was looking so fantastic, I nearly cried when I found out.

A fic meme and whatnot

Taken from belisse. Following a read of this meta on lack of feedback I'm thinking I could do with pimping my gen/character stuff that I'm proud of (but get barely any comments on) about the place. I'm well enough known in the happy little SGA fandom niche of McKay/Weir but for any other fandoms or gen SGA stories, even straight main character angst/friendship things, seem to just sit about not getting much love. Hence I'm going to fill in this completely conceited meme in order to hopefully inspire people to read those fics that I adore myself.

Collapse )

That said, my 4400 in general I love to bits, loved writing and it's not a much loved fandom. I consistently had my betareaders being the only people who'd leave comments 90% of the time.

Also whilst doing this meme I found out that I have more than 100 fic posts, making the my fanfic tag a bit worthless since it wouldn't go back further than that. Hence now I'm leaving it for general talk of my fanfic and fics will be posted under for example the tag - my 4400 fic, my heroes fic or my sga fic etc. Should make it easier to find things within a fandom on my journal, though I really need to make myself a website to list everything on.

Time to tag people for the meme. I choose planetkiller, mari4212, wisdomeagle, tielan and lastly fanwoman, in the hope she'll start both using her LJ and getting her fic more out there.