March 22nd, 2007


Today is the day of links

Firstly, I was listening to aforementioned internet radio station and a song came on, such a Supernatural song. I thought someone should vid it, noted song down only to realise later the currently playing thingy on the site was broken and despite knowing it probably played about 6AM over there I can't find the likely song on the playlist. Grr. I tried for ages just now and now the idea is lost because I can't work out which it is since there aren't lyrcis available for all of them. Heh, I shouldn't be wasting my time like that though.

The things that interested me and I've decided to point out would be the fanthropology link to Why People Break up with their favorite TV Shows which seemed especially interesting with the end of SG-1 and much fandomwank and discontent going on in several different fandoms currently.

Also, a good excuse to be messy. I thought there was more but somehow not. Back to finishing Isis noms, last day and all.