May 12th, 2007


ID cards - we know who you are, we own you and you're paying us for the privelege

I hate reading about the government throwing away money. Of course the alternative is to not read and be ignorant, but I care too much to be that. I just goggle at the coast and how much better spent that'd be on the NHS, education, the police - on paying teachers and nurses and fireman etc decent salaries they can live off. I suppose more money has been wasted on going to war (mustn't get started on that) but this I despise because they're trying to sell us on the idea of it being good for us.

From what I've seen, people either don't care, don't know or don't like it at all - generally - with some casually thinking it might prove useful. The whole thing is ignoring how dangerous the database concept is (the card itself isn't the worst idea ever though I think it a waste of money over current passports and other ID) and how they're relying on technology that is not ready for it, probably set up by contractors who like always won't deliver it on time or as it needs to be. The costs will spiral and we will pay for it. We don't need this. It won't stop terrorism, it won't help prevent crime - it will only complicate life.

I signed the petition against the scheme and I commented on it on a Labour pary feedback survey and all I got in response was standard spiel answers about how great it'll be for me, time saving etc and that the technology is fine - ignoring that it's so not better, the technology isn't there for reliability nor security, and fraud will be probably easier and more of a problem to deal with. Just imagine getting refused service somewhere "because the system doesn't recognise you" or you're already apparently registered for something despite you never having done that and how instead of them thinking hmm there might be a fault you'd probably get bullshitted with "but the system's never wrong" as if computers can't have faults nor be exploited. :/

What will it take to stop this? When I mention it to people I know usually they say they'll just refuse to have a card, ignoring that actually the plan is you'll be fined £1,000 (or was it £10,000) or face jail for refusing to sue them after a certain point in the future. They're going to compulsory and nothing so far has done more than halt their introduction. I just hope someone is brave enough to refuse first off and will get supported by the pledge fund that people promised to donate to should anyone require legal assistance for a boycott.