July 29th, 2007


Comedy icons + SGA Mckay/Weir event + Awards

I've been joining in the challenges at britcomicontest and wheee I won mod's choice for the Blackadder Queenie one! It's my first ever award for an icon. :massive grin: I know I'm not the best icon maker, still got plenty of practice before I master GIMP but yay, obviously doing something right with cropping at the very least.

Collapse )

Also, check out my few 4400 graphical efforts recently. There's some Jacqui McKenzie headers/banners in this folder that were intended for the Jacqui community but didn't get used. And... Collapse )

I also got my banner for my McKay/Weir 2007 Isis Award. :) I could never decide if that fic should have had more chapters. I had two more planned but hey people like it as is.

Also, spread the word (and/or join in, if you feel inclined) - McKay/Weir Love Fest