January 20th, 2008


Pegasus 3 - Weir's It At badges - need opinions!

Anyone around to give opinions on the proposed P3 Weir badge? Nebulan provided the line art and I've made a few mockups for badge designs, not that I'm a wonderful graphics person or anything. I might change the font possibly or colour in Weir maybe? The catchphrase is at the request of million_moments.

If anyone has an ideas please share! It's a bit bigger than fullsize atm - they will be for 38mm badges of which I was gonna get 50 to take to Pegasus 3.

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Credit/Resources Post

This credits page is for my graphics which are posted both here and on various other places on the web, generally under the names Purpleyin/missyvortexdv/Hansaplatz. If you think that you should be listd here, then pleased drop me a comment.

[Currently work in progress - I'm adding names for both already used ones & any I've downloaded, just to cover myself for future usage and to act sort of as a resources recs page too]

If you want to know where any fonts/brushes/textures/caps etc for a specific graphic came from/what they are then you can simply ask and I will dig up the info for you - all you need do is provide a link to the one you're curious about and what it is you want to know. :)

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Badges phrase

Argh - it has been pointed out the badge phrase was meant to be Weir It's At (pun upon Where It's At) and I wrote it as Weir's It At(pun on Where's It At(?)). Now I'm confused and it's late and I tried to redo the graphic but the redo came out dodgy as it had to be mostly from scratch and rushed.

Which is better?