January 22nd, 2008


Much pimping to be had

Time for a pimping!

Firstly, everyone who likes tech, games or other geeky things should checkout guruphil's new website DarkOrb. It's just finding its feet, is in need of content contributions but is certainly doing well for just a few weeks after launch. :)

For 4400 fans, I'd like to point out the newly revamped Jacqueline McKenzie (who, for anyone forgetful of names, plays Diana Skouris) community - jac_aholic. It's now got open membership, though with posts moderated, so if you've got anything to add - Jacqui news, icons, graphics etc - I'm sure it would be loved over there.

Now for the SGA stuffs - Stargate Fan Awards has opened voting finally. I've got a few things nominated myself, plus I know there's tons of great fic, art etc in there as always, so you should check it out, no excuses!

I'm also gonna point out rolleson has a poll up here asking about interest in a Sam Carter drabble-a-thon so if you might like to take part in one now or March you should go answer it.

Lastly, for McKay/Weir peeps aaobuttons has got a One Word Prompt Party going on. Easy to join in, just pick a word and make of it what you will. :D