January 10th, 2009


Fandom stocking goodies

I got round to checking out my fandom_stocking today.

I got:
SG1 Daniel/Vala drabble by curia_regis
2 SPN Bela icons by maharet83
Primeval Abby/Connor ficlet by rodlox
SCC John/Cameron drabble by thepouncer
IOU from rodlox for a fic (you are so generous, thank you!)
+ well wishes. :)

I wrote a few ficlets (TW Tosh/Owen, SCC John, SGA Sheppard/Vala, SCC/Angel crossover), commented with recs for a number of people and made a SCC Sarah/Cameron header. It was fun. I'd wanted to get more stuff done and might have done if not for the nasty New Years cold. I've still got an Ironman EP fanmix that I didn't get round to posting, and an IOU I left for one participant. Anyhow, I'll be posting what I wrote properly here shortly. :)