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The 4400 4x01 fangirling post

A lengthy written as I watched reaction post for the premiere of S4 of THe 4400.

Ah, the same old intro. Sort of wish they'd redo it by now but then again it's so familiar.

Oooh, loved the start. Blatantly not real but wheee fun. Diana with time manipulator - gal after my own heart, I want that power. :D Wonder what Marco would have? Or Garrity? Very fun and lovely to see people getting on. But it's Jordan's dream so (sales voice) everything MUST go to pot. Nice to see him questioning his choice, I rather dobut he would want to undo it but feeling some sense of responsibility is good. Jordan gets written so well, it's amusing he was never inteded to be a main or even more than just a passing 2-dimensional character. :)

As much as I dislike the whole Ben thing, they do all seem so happy there in Spain. It contrasts wth where you know she ought to be. I could never see her there with Marco for example. Sad that in orer to find happiness she has to get lost, runaway from her own country, the job she did very well, friend and some family. Her new home and job sound fantastic, but... *reluctantly huggles Diana* Somehow part of me doesn't care her happiness must be ripped to shreds for the story, and the other is thinking it's such a shame she can't just be there, be happy. Ah well, let the season roll on.

Yee Kyle! OMG missed him last season (still think they could have done writing mentions of him in better last season). Poor Tom - Tom always needs huggling. He is teh 4400 angst magnet. ;P

Aww, damn about Alana. I hope there's a good explanation coming soonish.

Cameron Bright gets in everything! At least his acting is improving... Hearty ROFL to the gym scene - that is so freaky - thumb wrestling ftw! :D

Mm, already I'm pleased by character focus. It feels like S2 again, my favourite season. :D

Whoo, Garrity annoyed at the new head of NTAC - my Life Interrupted Nina/Garrity shipper squees - but goddamn it where did Nina go, are they not going to explain the change? Hmm, I'm liking the new head already, sort of softer Jarvis version 2.0 - not that I thought Nina needed to be less tough. This one is more subtle but somehow just as blunt in her own way.

LOL, didn't recognise Shawn for like 5 seconds - the hair is considerably different. Aw, fanwoman was right about the reason Kyle took the shot, to help Shawn, just sad but understandable that he doesn't get it, they gotta be that bit more evil as well as teasing us with coming full circle.

Hmm, don't like the ominous for Tess's starting scene. DEVON! I'm so going to miss her, but yay for someone not having forgotten. Poor Tess (okay, is everyone going to need hugs this season? already!) but lovely to have coherent Kevin who's so concerned about her. :D

As for the believers. $120 for dinner! LOL (or was it $20 - was hard to read). Poor guy though, he tried to explain, to question but he is male and a teenager. Not entirely surprised he only asked once, guess he's not quite understanding just how he's causing it all and that hey she never answered. But as for the cut off of his scene with Amber - eww, they're all watching?! Eagerly even, or possibly so. Way to mess up a bunch of people if they ever remember any of it.

Richard in hiding. A mention already, guss he's not in this ep then? Bah, Tom chasing the truth from the wrong person, when he likely knows the answer and is looking for another, though I do like this scene with those two. Isabelle has depth past anger and vengeance. Thinknig the jailtime and normalcy might have matured her nicely as a character.

MARCOOO!Rining Diana no less, and she even seems really happy to hear from him (maybe it caught the Ben influence offguard ;) I'm sure she's looking round to check if anyone is watching/listening). It's all going so well, she's happy, he seems fairly okay with it, perhaps sort of nervous and cutely surprised when she asks how he is. Hehe, she thinks he took a shot. :D Ouch, bad news. We already knew but sad for Diana. I'm guessing Marco thinks this = April dead by the apology of his. And he calls her Di, interesting to see him use a nickname, maybe it's mainly because of the personal aspect of breaking the bad news but it's still interesting he'd use it and she doesn't object.

Garrity and Tom partners. *massive grin* I'd have liked the potential Tom & Marco scenario but Garrity does make a more logical immediate replacement with his field status and we never found out what happened to his partner from Lockdown who shot Nina, albeit under the influence.

How did they make a statue in the night? Intelligent headmaster at least. An ability that makes people believe in and follow you, bizarre. Some might have thought Collier had that already but Graham's showing us obviously not, unless it's just that Collier can control it. Of course we don't know what happened with Collier ressurection, if that was somehow his ability or inteference, or yet if two people can have the same gift. Must go watch those new video interviews on the official site after this.

Oi, naughty Graham. He knows and he's taking advantage of it. Guess it's sort of a bizarre fantasy come true to suddenly be popular but still... totally exploiting the situation. Grahan has biographers already. ROFL, Garrity is so not subtle - Tom's not exactly the good cop but it's like we got semi-bad cop, snarky-semi-bad cop. Oooh, they should have seen that coming. Eek, really creepy happy grinning there!

Kyle has an unusual fashion sense, but I love the costuming on this show. Thought that was April with new hair for a second, the accent sound similar to me. Winterty art, wonder if we'll get to see any. Creepy name knowing. So a setup to meet him, but still cute.

Okay, so how did they get out of that surround? But what was with Marco's hair in Jordan's dream, it seems different, more normal for him in the later scenes. I looked at Graham's DOB on the project card and thought he can't be old enough, did the math and suddenly felt old. 1990 seems so recent to me!

Yay, TRG's + new head is actually engaging them in theorising and Marco must have a reputation as the (presumed) head of the theory room. More hands on (but still when will they explain what happened to Nina? If they don't do it this ep then I forsee ficfix needed) With Marco's comments it reminding me of Tess, bet Garrity doesn't want a rehash of that again. Ah, character fic plot bunnies poking their heads out of holes.

Also, is it me or did Marco sound sort of tired in the way he said that, not exactly bitte at it but something off, something like he kind of expected this - maybe warned them it could happen again and that they should spend time planning kackup plans/strategies to deal with it? Because I could so see NTAC - with Ryland getting in the way - focusing on stopping the distribution and ingonring that they won't be able to do so in entirety, ignoring that some are going to get powers and they need to deal with it.

Not sure if that could have related to Nina's departure, being stuck between a rock and a hard place in regard to the promicin development (which really Ryland caused inadvertantly but he never gets any serious fallout). I cans see that could have gotten nnina pushed out, scapegoated. But who appointed the new head and what are her relationships with people, like importantly, for example, Ryland? She also keeps reminding me of the girl who plays Jo in Supernatural, could see her playing Ellen's older daughter or the like, possibly more sense to have her as a cousin or neice? But let's leave out the crossfandom fic ideas, I'll get back to watching this ep.

LOL to Brady's comments, even though he's missing the point and the comment doesn't help them deal with it. PJ (previously Archie per fanwoman's fics) seemed amused/surprised, though from the comment about Graham not being The God I'd pen him as either religious himself, pedantic on details when explaining theories or maybe having an interest in theology/philosophy. Could totally see those two arguing about the meaning of life when it gets slow in the theory room. Argh, why is my muses torturing me with the idea of PJ/Brady!

Anyway, the worship, it could be nifty in a way but yeah, this is being practical, they gotta curb this. Hmm, again, I can't quite pin down Marco when he says stuff, he feels different. I hesistate to say bitter, but he's definitely more woundup, tense - and drinking coffee like he needs it, even when earlier seasons implied possibly stomach problem. Though that's probably expanding fanon from fanwoman's fics too much? Not sure. just an idea there. However, to me, Marco didn't seem that way when he was on the phone either, but maybe it was because he was maknig effort and trying to put Diana at ease for breaking the news to her.

Ah, Tom is on the ball. I think he must be in there on the meetings by now. He seemed so frustrated in S1 with this aspect, with Marco too presumably, but now, he seems comfortable. Is nice to see, good development but I still hope we get Marco/tom interactions sometime this season. They must've got to a decent working relationshp, Diana isn't there as a buffer to the geeky science side that Tom couldn't relate to before. I hope so, he must see it's important. Random but if Garrity replaced Diana ages ago then I can so picture him used to the meetings and happy to tease the geeks. Slightly evil but more playful, though I'm doubting Brady would get that, could see him getting agitated and PJ rolling him eyes, trying to get the guy to see Garrity is pulling his leg. Yet another fun fic idea. Is annoying because I surely do not have time for all the fic just this one episode is inspiring!

Okay, I'm seriously weirded out by the changes in Marco's demeanor - the thinking bigger. I'd almost believe it's not Marco, a substitute, possessed etc, evil Marco. The difference might be subtle but it felt off key enough for it to almost be when someone is trying to emul ate a person and is getting it enough right but not completely. Ah, thinking aboutthe think a little more ambitious idea again - OMG, I think maybe, if you tied in the whole idea of Ben as a foreign 4400 agent brainwashing Diana and Maia with his ability then the venom/bitterness in the comment makes a whole lot more sense. But again, fanon not canon and if that's not true then what is up with Marco? :s

Uh oh, Graham already went a little further. Can't take long for the effects to manifest, less than a day judging by the headmaster... Schemeing Graham. Question is, does Tom buy it?

Ben looks better this season, less sleasy with the shorter hair. Yeah, I know I'm biased, but I might have liked him better last season too if he'd looked like this lol, not that it'd change how in or out of character people've been aobut him. He doesn't really take Maia's prediction very seriously does he, despite how ominous it sounds to me. :( I'm not sure I approve of him as Maia's father figure, I don't think he really gets her or her worry. Just dismisses it because he doesn't want to believe it. :/ Wonder if here = San Sebastian or Europe in general. If it was just that place there'd still be hope she'd have taken that job offer and they simply settled elsewhere in the EU.

I've often wondered what the European 4400 situation is on the show, and this season, I'm wondering if anyone is getting promicin out of the country. I mean, it's in promicin positive people's blood so in theory if anyone knew how to do it they could collect enough from a promicin positive person. Can see how that could lead to people taking the shot out of desparation like being drugs mules, wanting the income regularly doing that could give them and also how that might mean NTAC/government might suspend flights out of the country unless people are promicin negative...

Pretty sketch Cassie is doing. About Shawn, if his brain is active is he dreaming, dreaming reality or does he know he's in a coma? Is there some kind of code in film/tv that whenever people say "Must have been. How else would I know?" that characers always dismiss it. Just once I'd like people not to think about it for only a second, surely it's more believable to have them question it further. Unless the point is he doesn't want to know really and that there's a more than just ironic hint of the reason for her saying that rather than saying it was in the papers or so she thinks.

No Tess, what are you gonna do? you should have stayed on your meds like Kevin pleaded with you about.

I thought Graham had made a rave for a minute lol. And further amusement at the extra toilet-needing deferring of the worship ability. Either that is true dedication and luck on their parts or the believers are getting something out if more than just clarity of mind. Okay, there are girls voices saying "I'm Graham Holt" - was that meant to work or is it just pure confusion tactics. Argh, no - surely someone could have foreseen that, did no one think to have the soldiers changed to minimise risk of him influencing them? They left them in place too long. X( If that was NTAc organised then it should have been better done. That or Graham has really refined his powers over the last day or so to be nearly instantaneous.

Priceless. And even more pricelss is Kevin got to say it! "You're having messiah envy". They need Tess. ;)

Hey, more garrity. :D Thank you TPTB, you've not disappointed me so far this episode. It's back on form.

Oooh, more wise Tom. Sneaky, yeah baby. I think I like Tom's character more each season. :D

LOL, Marco was right - plus "I'm the king of Seattle" is not such a mature response for a 17 year old - wonder where Marco is in all this exactly? Has he had the same plan as Meghan did. Ah, Jordan beats them too it. WTF? Okay, Jordan's ability, just what is it? Undoing things? Undoing Graham getting the ability, undoing his own death? Intriguing to the max. Ah, for a moment I thought Jordan was going to step up as a replacement Messiah but obviously not meant literally then, which is both nice for avoiding cliched approach as him for a leader but also interesting in the sense of how exactly does he view that - does he think lowkey now, that instead of the center and his initial figurehead role that he's instead the leader to the future in the decision to give out promicin or is that for something yet to come even?

I guess not everyone is cut out for being extraordinary, as in Grahams case. I was expecting more than just a shake of the head from Amber considering it was a version of rape. Eh, well at least Graham got arrested. He really wasn't thinking through what'd happen if it didn't go to plan, because he's going to be forever known as a jerk, with plenty of reminders around for people like the video messages recorded.

Hmm, both PJ's comment about no longer needing to wonder about if Jordan has an ability/what it is and Meghans one about "if I was at home I'd be thinking" kinda stank of writers telling the audience what to think. And in the case of his ability I'd bet it's misdirection too.

"Extra crispies"? Extra makes sense, but what's with the crispies. I'm just going to pretend that's a TRG's nickname that Marco is using but realises how embrassingly dumb it is as he has to explain it and self-consciously rubs his mouth/nose/chin-whatever he did whilst Tom was talking after the explaination. ;D In my head he did not invent that... Tom sort of reverted to the confused look too, meaning yes, that comment was teh lamez, that type of geekiness he cannot yet handle. ;)

Garrity's been browsin the interwebz. The way he announced it made me think he'd been intensely searching and had suddenly found it. I know, with it being the video message it probably simply came to the attention of the agency and not him himself but for a second my mind was amused by that entance. There needs to be an icon from that shot too, door burstingly good! And suddenly I'm thinking of that + the Jordan taking back the promicin with lolmacro captions. There should be some kind of 4400macros community. A fun way to pass the time between eps. :D Someone do it!

Jordan is so melodramatic. We're always making history by simply being here, people just don't realise it. Strange to hear him talking aobut the genie not gonig back in the bottole when he can at least take abilities away. The not holding onto the past was an interesting thing to say, because many of the original 4400's seemed to have that problem. It could also be applicable to the S4 changes but I'm not sure if they'd write something for that reason.

It was sad but very appropriate to have that over both Tom and Diana's end scenes - I do wonder if Alana's being sent back was deemed a mistake, that things aren't meant to be easy and comfortable for Tom as they'd attempted. For Diana, I guess it's pointing to how her happiness isn't the best thing overall, and maybe even that she needs to get over the past in regard to NTAC, Mommies Bosses et all, that whatever fears she had about Maia from then there's a whole new set of problems coming and hiding in Spain will not help, however blissful it is there for them currently. Except, why do the thing with Ben and Spain only to break it up in that manner? Ben might not be out of the picture yet but Maia made it obvious the happy vacation stage is over.

Also appropriate that where Alana had ended up she had been in with the art crowd. Mades me think that maybe she did okay in the past. Real life wise, I'm curious who painted that, if it could have been Jacqui since she does paint and it didn't seem to far from her style. I'm probably wrong though.

That seems to be it. I have to say I thought it rocked. 9/10, back to how I loved it. I think the reason it's working well for me again is it has the terrorism/action angle that S3 was pushing but with the promicin development it looks like it's going allow them to retain the character(s) of the week format too. A perfect blend of elements from seasons 2 and 3. :D

Hmm next weeks promo is teling us we won't believe who's just become one. My guesses - Kyle's abilities are properly manifested, Danny (brotherly rivalry or maybe he had the same idea about waking Shawn up) or it's an NTAC agent, Tom or Garrity, or even that Kevin's experiments on Diana finally have consequences. :D
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