February 24th, 2019

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Fic Writer’s Year In Review

Okay, saw the this done by a few people I know and thought yeah I want to do that... and then failed at doing it for most of two months but hey-ho, here it is. I saw a few different versions of this and have smushed them together into one.

General fic stats for 2018

This was harder than it should be to do because I reposted a load of fics on Ao3 last year and so had to compile this manually to not include those. Still got more to shift over from FF.net too at some point.

Word count on AO3: 107,474 words
Average Words Per Story: 3256
Number of fics on AO3: 33 (also 8 fanmixes and 2 moodboards)
Fandoms written for: The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Fringe, BBC Sherlock, Altered Carbon, Primeval, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Dirty Sexy Money – also Arrow for a fanmix.
Total Words Written: actually more than what's posted, I think twice that. I'm gonna try to keep track of both in 2019.

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