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efiction site if you want to take a look around at forums etc

A good example of efiction in use (and an excellent SGa archive)

On the quesiton of mods to the system.

Adding Aim/ICQ/MSN to profile
Favourite story updated alert (when a story is updated then email is sent to users with it set as favourite)
RSS feed (live bookmarking for those with firefox browser - that shows latest submissions)
Ability to delete own reviews (admin get this anyway but users might like to be able to 'retract' a review they've given)
Show who's online
Word counts viewable to admin in submit queue (useful for the admins in checking right category)
Text sizer (+/- to font for readers)
Security improvements mod (helps with search engines indexing too - not much difference for users though)

Should rating feature be turned off? You can at the moment (until a mod is made) Review leaving rating blank (hurts the rating count!) or Review and Rate stories. I think rating overall can be turned off for the whole system. so is it better to hope people rate stories or that noone gets to?

Need to work out what everyone wants in term of the skin. What name is the site having? I'd go for mcweir since it's unique but then Meg's archive is already called that and I don't want to step of any toes.

There have been several suggestions for domain name if one is bought, and I think Mcweir.com would be fine for that but what name for the site and it's fanfic archive? Drs McKay and Weir had been suggested for the site name, though there's not much problem calling it Mcweir.com or Mcweir Central or whatever gets agreed on, but what of the fic archive? Maybe McWeir should have one of those ship names, SS Sugar and spice...? Please put your two cents in one this because I know that one isn't a good suggestion.

If anyone wants to suggest a skin design then please do. I was thinking a banner system might be cool, like over at the David Hewlett fansite geek-love.net, so that every time page is refreshed it would display new banner. If so should the name of the site be on it or not? What size should it be, 600 by 200? Stuff like this needs working out and I can't do or decide on my own :)

We'll also have a help section so a FAQ needs writing for it. Not just aobut the system but about ratings
and Mcweir and fanfic in general even, with links to how to get into writing fanfic and to betareader group etc. I think as an extra page a glossary might help, for fanfic terms and for terms specific to shipping, Stargate, SGA and McWeir too.

Revised the lists too. Hope they are better, since Genres was too lengthy and Characters a mess too.

-single chaptered
-drabble (up to 120 words)
-ficlet (up to 1000 words)
-oneshot (any one page fic over 1000 words)
-short story (1000- 30,000)
-novella (30,000-50,000)
-novel (50,000 +)

Should the last two be there or should they be considered genres?

We could create a challenges section like so and have admins able to create challenges, with users having to contact admin to submit a response or a new challenge. That way challenges would have first chapter as rules etc and after that the responses. not the best way but only way I can think of using the system - there would be nothing stopping users adding own responses separately anyway, though admin could take them down.

Or we could rely on users posting into challenge section and happening to write the Challenge title in the
summary e.g. [Valentine's Day challenge 2005]. I'll be looking into whether we could have a system where anyone could post there response onto admin set challenges and have admin approve or reject response, and possibly anything attempted tob e posted up in the section. no clue how it'd be done but could put in a mod request for it if people think it would be a good idea. Any other suggestions for this problem are welcomed.

Ratings should probably still go with the G/PG etc system as normal. I doubt the MPAA would sue us for it (and what's to sue anyway...) and so probably better to go with the usual system until it gets mentioned. explaining them in both the FAQ and glossary would be good too.


Adult removed because we can have rating and warnings for that. episode related changed to tag/missing scenes and relying on users to specify which in header/summary. team and series removed too. Supernatural removed becuase horror is close to that and suspense added to it too. Fantasy and spiritual removed as well. Question: considering there's angst, tragedy and hurt/comfort, should we ditch one? Are all needed? I'd say tragedy is useful to have for extreme angst and that hurt/comfort is more or less angst - maybe angst could be gotten rid of? what are everyones thoughts?

-character study
-Tags/missing Scenes
-first time

all main
- Elizabeth Weir
- Rodney McKay
-John Sheppard
-Teyla Emmagan
- Aiden Ford
-Carson Beckett
secondary characters
- Peter Grodin
- Dr. Kavanagh
- Radek Zelenka
- Simpson
-Dr. Corrigan
-Original character

How's the list? It would be good if there could be mroe than one list, ie one for main, one for secondary,
then ancients and baddies, but we are stuck with one and I hope this is comprehensive yet compact.

Warnings :should unbeta'ed be on here or is it bad to include it?
-adult themes (sexual themes?)
-character death(s)
-all of season 1 episodes
-season 2 rumours

Now for your thoughts. If anyone wants to make suggestions then just reply here or you can email me. Likewise, if you want to help on skin or FAQ or anything specific then email me - that way I can organise those who offer help and swap emails to coordinate people worknig on same thing. But seriously ANY help, any suggestion or comment does good - and if you are going to be using the archive then you might as well use your input to help make it like you want it to be. :)

My email is alienforce_@_gmail.com (removing those underscores of course!)
Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, sga

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