Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

4400 event - one week appeal for signups

Appeal for the Diana + Marco month of love. We're looking a bit better now but it's one week away from July and the early days of the month are looking sparse. We need another 20 people to contribute to fill up the month, especially early on.

A Marco icon. A Diana drabble. A Maia and Diana mini vid. Tom and Diana partners banner - all good things we'd love to see. Don't forget friendships for the characters with other characters is fine too - family or friendship. Why not explore Diana's relationship with her father or her sister or even her mother or likewise show us Marco's (presumably loving) family!

There's so much choice of what to contribute, little or big, you choose what and how much and when.

Crossposted quite a few places, sorry for anyone seeing it more than once.
Tags: 4400, fandom

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